The young Leonese wrestler Jorge Iglesias Oricheta died suddenly on Monday at the age of 20 while studying at his home in the Leonese capital, the Federation of this sport has reported.

Iglesias Oricheta, of the club Aluches Tierras de León, had to leave this Monday to Slovenia, where he planned to study this academic year with an Erasmus scholarship, after last Saturday in the ring of Las Manzanedas collected a prize.

Jorge, son of the current president of the club Aluches Tierras de León, was one of the great promises of the Leonese wrestling and had become the first Bierzo fighter to win a senior league ring during the last campaign.

After concluding last season as the second fighter in the lightweight category after David Riaño, in the current one he had gone to the media winning in three consecutive rounds in the same weekend, Posada de Valdeón, Cistierna and Mansilla de las Mulas.

In his last competition in the Romería de las Manzanedas, he won the consolation final against Adrián García, obtaining third place last Saturday during his last public appearance.