• Three companions of Jenni Hermoso, cited as witnesses in the case of the kiss of Rubiales

The brother of Jennifer Hermoso and a friend have supported this Monday in court the testimony of the player of the football team that the kiss that the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) Luis Rubiales gave him was not consented, as confirmed by legal sources to Europa Press.

The judge of the National Court (AN) investigating Rubiales for the kiss to Hermoso in the trophy delivery of the World Cup in Sydney (Australia) has taken a statement on Monday to a brother and a friend of the player. He has also heard two experts who have ratified the report provided by the defense of Rubiales to the National Court.

To these appearances will be added on Thursday those of the director of Marketing of the RFEF, Rubén Rivera; the former director of Integrity, Miguel García Caba; the head of press of the women's soccer team, Patricia Pérez; and that of the director of the men's team, Albert Luque.

These statements take place after the magistrate received through the Embassy of Australia the certificate of the content of all the offences of the Criminal Code of that country in relation to the facts investigated and that are applicable in the State of New South Wales.

It should be recalled that the deputy prosecutor of the National Court, Marta Durántez, asked Rubiales about five people during the interrogation before the judge held in the framework of the case that is followed for alleged crimes of coercion and sexual assault.

The sources consulted then explained that the Public Ministry tried to find out if those five people, including the former coach of the women's team Jorge Vilda and the aforementioned Luque and Rivera, would have tried to coerce the player after the forced kiss.

After the interrogation, the instructor agreed at the request of the Prosecutor's Office that Rubiales could not communicate with the player during the investigation of the open case, also prohibiting him from approaching her less than 200 meters.

According to prosecutors, Rubiales denied before the judge that there were coercion towards the player of the absolute and her environment, as well as that there was a lack of consent in the kiss on the mouth that he gave her. The former president of the Federation answered the questions of all parties during the nearly 45 minutes that lasted his statement as investigated.

Admission of the complaint

It was on September 12 when the judge summoned Rubiales. At that time, the magistrate admitted the complaint filed by the Prosecutor's Office for the crimes of sexual assault and coercion against him for the kiss on the mouth.

In a car, collected by Europa Press, the magistrate agreed to the first steps in this procedure, including collecting from 'RTVE' the video or videos they have in their files that collect the moment from all angles in which the defendant kisses the complainant, as well as the minutes immediately before and after the fact related to the celebration of the triumph of the women's football team.

In addition, he required the newspaper 'El País' the video of the celebration in the dressing room that he has posted on the Internet and the newspaper 'AS' that of the moments of the kiss and any others related to the facts. For his part, the instructor requested the video of the celebration on the bus of the Spanish women's football team.

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