Halmstad hosted Elfsborg on Monday evening. The first half ended goalless, but it was actually Halmstad who was closest then. A shot into the crossbar, which bounced straight down. On the replay, it appeared that the ball was not over the goal line.

Elfsborg looked to be heading for a heavy drop in points in the battle for the Allsvenskan title. But in the 89th minute, Jalal Abdulai stepped up and scored his first Allsvenskan goal, to make it 1–0 for Elfsborg. In celebration after the goal, he took off his shirt and referee Joakim Östling gave him a warning.

The hero of the match was sent off

Just four minutes later, however, he was sent off after a header duel in which he used his arms a little too much. That led to his second yellow card of the game, and he had to leave the pitch

Elfsborg thus joins the gold battle and is only one point behind Malmö.