French activists and bloggers have attacked Sports Minister Amelie Castera after she revealed in press statements that French female athletes participating in the upcoming Olympics in France in 2024 will be banned.

French Sports Minister Castera said in remarks on the program "Sunday in politics" channel "France 3", that the French position is very clear in this area, and has been expressed by the Council of State and then Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne, which is adherence to a secular system strictly applied in the field of sports.

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"What does this mean? Quite simply, it is a prohibition of any form of proselytizing in all our sports missions, and the absolute neutrality of public service."

Activists, journalists and academics considered that the minister's statements and decision are a new episode in the series of restrictions on freedoms, while others rejected justifications related to the protection of secularism because, according to them, what is happening is an anti-Islamic act.

C'est juste trop choquant en vrai.
L'État se trompe grave de combat..

— Rubben Christian (@rubbenmbuyi) September 25, 2023

"We will be forced to boycott the Paris 2024 Olympic Games after the sports minister made it clear that French female athletes will not be able to wear the hijab, what about foreign women? If so, American Ibtihaj Mohammed will not win her bronze medal."

Lawyer Jean-Pierre Ménard wrote on his X account: "Muslim women are always targeted, why don't we see our English and German neighbours there as a hijab? Are we so fragile?"

Blogger Yassine stressed on his account that "what is happening is nothing but an attack on Islam and not a protection of secularism as Minister Castera claimed."

✅ vote de notre amendement les @lesRep_Senat visant à interdire le port du voile dans les compétitions sportives organisées par les fédérations, lors de l'examen de la proposition de loi visant à démocratiser le #sport en France au #Senat @StephPiednoir @BrunoRetailleau

— Philippe Tabarot (@PhilippeTabarot) January 18, 2022

In January last year, the French Senate voted on a controversial article of France's law on the democratization of sport. The article prohibits the wearing of headscarves during sports competitions organized by the country's sports federations.

This comes after veiled mothers were prevented from accompanying their children during school trips.

À tous les joueurs musulmans, à tous les sportifs musulmans vous savez maintenant ce qu'il faut faire. Optez pour les pays de vos origines, pour les pays dans lesquels vous allez être respecté et valorisé.

— Chebli Ishaq (@IshaqChebli) September 24, 2023

La cible, les femmes musulmanes. 🤔Encore et toujours. On va chez nos voisins anglais ou allemands, il y a des voiles. Sommes nous si fragiles que cela pour traquer les voiles. 🧐 « martyriser » une religion c'est la renforcer. Une loi aussi vieille que le monde. incultes.☝️📣!

— Jean-Pierre Mignard (@jpmignard) September 25, 2023

Mdrrrrrr après l'abaya si là-dedans vous y voyez encore une volonté de protéger la laïcité plutôt qu'une action purement islamophobe c'est que vous êtes dans le déni hein

— YASSINE ☄️ (@YassineTwts) September 24, 2023

Si ça n'est pas une discrimination envers les athlètes françaises de confession musulmane, c'est quoi ? 😫🥺

— Youssouf ELBAK UP Nuria (@ymselbak) September 24, 2023