Takakatsu Ozeki, who won his fourth title at the Grand Sumo Autumn Tournament in a come-from-behind manner, recalled at a press conference one night after Chiakiraku, "I didn't think about winning the championship at all, but I didn't give up at all."

Kikagekatsu tied the title at 24-21 after 11-year-old Atami Fuji, who was the sole leader, lost to Akitoko Chishuraku on the 4th, and then won the championship match for the fourth time since the first place this year.

One night after Chiakiraku, on the 4th, he held a press conference at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, and reflected, "I didn't think about winning the championship at all because I had lost four matches, but I didn't give up at all.

The other day, where he was absent due to injuries to both knees, he watched on TV the three sekiwaki players challenge for the promotion of Ozeki, and he said, "I was fighting for my life and it was sparkling, and I thought it was genuinely cool.

Although they suffered three losses by the eighth day of Chunichi, they came from behind to win the championship, saying, "They became familiar with the unique feeling of this place, so we were able to enter the second half of the match with a good sense of urgency."

He also expressed his desire to be promoted to yokozuna, which has been his dream since childhood, saying, "I have been forced to dream and be shattered, but I just want to inspire my feelings.