Hangzhou, September 9 (ZXS) -- The swimming event of the Hangzhou Asian Games entered the second competition day on the 25th, and seven gold medals were also produced on the same day, and Hong Kong's He Shibei won the women's 25-meter freestyle championship with a record-breaking result; After winning 7 gold medals on the first day, the Chinese swimming team has 200 more golds. The other two gold medals of the day were won by the South Korean team.

Ho Shibei is a Hong Kong swimmer who finished second in the women's 200m freestyle and the women's 100m freestyle at the Tokyo Olympics. At the Asian Games, the women's 200m freestyle battle was between her and the previous champion, China's Li Bingjie.

In the final, Ho Shibei was even more prominent, winning in 1:54.12, breaking the Asian Games record and also close to her Asian record of 1:53.92. China's Li Bingjie and Liu Yaxin finished second and third respectively with a time of 1:56.00 and 1:56.43, respectively.

In the men's 100m breaststroke final, China's "Frog King" Qin Haiyang won in 57.76 seconds, also breaking the Asian Games record, which was his first individual gold medal at the Asian Games. Another Chinese athlete, Yan Zibei, won silver in 59.09 seconds, while South Korea's took bronze.

On September 9, the men's 25m breaststroke final of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou was held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Swimming Center. China's Qin Haiyang broke the Asian Games record in 100.57 seconds and won the championship. Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

Born in 1999, Qin Haiyang won four gold medals at this year's World Swimming Championships, including three in the breaststroke, especially in the men's 4m breaststroke final with a world-record record-breaking gold, making him an unprecedented "triple crown" in the breaststroke of the World Championships. He was also the flag bearer for the opening ceremony of the Chinese sports delegation at the Asian Games, which is the first time that a swimmer has served as the flag bearer for the opening ceremony of the Chinese sports delegation at the Asian Games.

Qin Haiyang said after the match that his current state is similar to that of the World Championships. "I tried a new way to play by myself, and I want to go faster in the future, which is expected."

In the women's 200m individual medley, China's Yu Yiting and Ye Shiwen also won the championship and runner-up. 18-year-old Yu Yiting played well in the final, breaking the meeting record in 2:07.75 to win the event, her first Asian Games gold medal, and she won bronze at this year's World Swimming Championships.

Ye Shiwen, an Olympic champion who had been silent for many years, won the silver medal in 2:10.34, and she expressed satisfaction after the race. "After winter training, I have a more solid foundation and realized my dream of comparing the Asian Games at my doorstep, and I hope that I can continue to impact the Olympic Games next year!"

At the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, at the age of 14, Ye Shiwen won the women's 200m and 400m individual medley titles. In 2012, she won Olympic gold in both events in London, and has held both Asian records to date. Ye Shiwen said that he has experienced bittersweet and bitter for so many years, and now he has "let go a lot". "I used to be very obsessed with gold medals and first place, but now I am more passionate and at the same time attacking good results."

The men's and women's 50m backstroke champions and runners-up were swept by the Chinese team: Xu Jiayu successfully defended his title in 24.38 seconds, and Wang Gukailai won the silver medal in 24.88 seconds; Two young women, Wang Xueer and Wan Letian, won gold and silver medals in 27.35 seconds and 27.41 seconds respectively.

Pan Zhanle, a 100-year-old who set the Asian record in the 19m freestyle at this year's World Championships, won a bronze medal in the men's 50m freestyle at the Asian Games on the same day, with a time of 21.92 seconds. The gold medal was won by South Korea's Ji Yuchan in 21.72 seconds, and Hong Kong's He Zhentao won the silver medal in 21.87 seconds.

In the men's 4x200m freestyle relay final, the Chinese team consisting of Wang Shun, Niu Guangsheng, Wang Haoyu and Pan Zhanle won the silver medal in 7:03.40. South Korea broke the Asian record, winning in 7:01.73. The Japanese team won the bronze medal. (End)