Hangzhou, September 9 (ZXS) -- "The competition venue is beautiful and advanced, and the internal guidance is very orderly", "I feel the warmth of home in the Asian Games Village", "The service of volunteers is very warm, and the experience is beautiful"... Since the opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games, delegations from various countries and regions have continuously praised the software and hardware facilities and organizational services of the Asian Games. Behind the "like", how did the host impress the guests with "details"?

Competition is the core of the Asian Games, and it is the key to measuring the excitement of the event. Hangzhou, which held a major international comprehensive event for the first time, used high-standard event operation guarantee to build a stage for athletes to sweat.

"The venues of the Hangzhou Asian Games have reached Olympic standards, providing a superior environment for athletes to perform at their best." Commenting on the preparations for the Asian Games, Vinod Devari, acting director general of the Olympic Council of Asia, praised, "In the process of careful planning and preparation, they will not miss a single problem or take any shortcuts." ”

Sinta from Indonesia, a skateboarder, was full of praise for the bowl pool venue at the Hangzhou Qiantang Roller Skating Center. The bowl is about 3 meters deep at its deepest point and is surrounded by a rounded wall, providing more space for competitors to challenge and be creative. "This bowl pool venue is fantastic and it's designed to be easier to glide. There is currently no such large bowl pool in our country, so I am very envious. Cinta said.

American host Smith shared his experience of visiting the modern pentathlon venue on social platforms. He interacted intimately with the selfie robots in the stadium, posing for a selfie with his hands open, which he laughed and said made people feel very good about themselves, "If athletes want to adjust, they can come here [to take pictures]."

Raja Randhir Singh, acting president of the Olympic Council of Asia, also noticed a detail that all athletes, technical officials, media reporters and other licensed personnel can enter and exit the venues with just "sweeping their faces", which is very convenient. "The identity registration card provides convenience for everyone, saving everyone time at security check and scanning codes."

To host the largest Asian Games in history, in addition to high-standard competition venues, life logistics support is the top priority, and it is also facing a thousand problems. As the place with the longest running duration and the largest number of service objects for the Hangzhou Asian Games, Hangzhou Asian Games Village and Asian Games Sub-Village are also the "new home" of guests from all over the world in a foreign land.

On September 9, the opening ceremony of the Asian Games Village of the Hangzhou Asian Games and the welcoming ceremony of the Chinese sports delegation were held in the Banner Square of the Asian Games Village. Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Gang

A few days ago, Huang Minhua, a staff member of the housing department of the Ningbo Asian Games Village of the Hangzhou Asian Games, received a special "gift" - a short but warm letter of thanks: "Everyone is friendly and helpful, special thanks to Ms. Huang Minhua." "The payment is: Macao Team. This handwritten letter came from the athletes of the Macao delegation in China, and it turned out that when the cleaning work was carried out the day before, Huang Minhua saw that the clothes that the athletes had placed by the washing table did not have time to wash, and thought that everyone was busy with schedules, so he helped the athletes wash and dry all the clothes.

Similar "thank you letters", Ningbo Asian Games sub-village has received 26 letters since its opening. In the letter, athletes and officials from delegations from Oman, India, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Macao expressed their gratitude for the warm service of the villages. Adhering to the service concept of "home", the Ningbo Branch Village Comprehensive Service Center will also summarize the individual needs of "villagers" every day. For one birthday meal reservation, there are no less than five meal pairings.

In addition, delegations were impressed by the quality of volunteerism. The head of the Bhutanese delegation, Jigme Tinri, also mentioned that wherever you go in the Asian Games village, you can get help with everything, and volunteers can be found everywhere. Teo Kim Fa, head of the Malaysian sports delegation, also said, "Seeing the smiles of the volunteers, I think this is the most beautiful. ”

Humanized service brings a "home from home" experience, and digital technology continues to empower new experiences. In the intelligent system of "Asian Games Village on the Cloud", "villagers" only need to scan the code to complete the functions of venue reservation, menu query, information Q&A and other functions online. The restaurant's dishes of the day and the current flow of people are displayed in real time, and the "villagers" can get timely responses to their daily needs such as eating, living, and traveling when they point their fingers in the cloud.

Holding international comprehensive competitions to ensure smooth and convenient passage for all parties also requires the linkage of the entire city. During the Asian Games, the host arranged more than 3000,<> Asian Games service guarantee buses, equivalent to the number of buses in a medium-sized city, and realized that there are guaranteed shuttle buses waiting at every stop from the airport to the Asian Games Village, from the Asian Games Village to the venues and venues.

"The facilities of various venues in Hangzhou are very beautiful and advanced, which is impressive, and the athletes are very satisfied. Chinese people are very warm and friendly, making athletes and guests from all over the world feel welcome. Raja Randhir Singh said that he believes that the Hangzhou Asian Games will be a wonderful success and expects China to continue to make important contributions to the development of Asian sports. (End)