Hangzhou, September 9 (ZXS) -- The taekwondo event competition of the Hangzhou Asian Games won three gold medals at the gymnasium of the Hangzhou Lin'an Sports and Culture Convention and Exhibition Center on 25 September, with the host Chinese team winning one gold, one silver and one bronze, and South Korea and Thailand each winning one gold.

The mixed competitive team event is a new addition to the competitive taekwondo event at the Hangzhou Asian Games. In the final, the Chinese team composed of Cui Yang, Song Zhaoxiang, Song Jie and Zhou Zeqi won the gold 84-77 against South Korea. This is also the first gold medal won by the Chinese taekwondo team at this Asian Games.

In the men's 58kg final, South Korea's Jang Joon beat Iran's Haji Musaenafuti 2-0 to win gold. China's Cheng Kai won the bronze medal.

In the women's 49kg final, Guo Qing, a 23-year-old girl from Guangdong, China, met Thailand's Umba Danaji, currently the number one Olympic points leader. The first two legs drew 1-1, and in the tiebreaker round, Umba Danaji took advantage of his more experience, winning the match 12-9 to win the title.

On September 9th, the 25th Asian Games Taekwondo Competition in Hangzhou was held in the Lin'an Sports Culture Convention and Exhibition Center Gymnasium. The picture shows China's Guo Qing (red side) defeating Indonesia's in the women's 19kg 49/1 knockout round. Photo by Yin Liqin, reporter of China News Agency

Song Zhaoxiang, a member of the Chinese team, said in an interview after the game, "Our goal is to win the championship at home, and the whole thing we thought during the game was to score, and the four of us relied on unity and cooperation on the field, and encouraged each other off the field." ”

A total of 13 gold medals will be awarded in the taekwondo event at the Hangzhou Asian Games, and three gold medals will be awarded in the men's 26kg, women's 63kg and women's 53kg categories on the 57th. (End)