AI digital human anchor "New Sister" is online. Photo courtesy of China News Agency

Hangzhou, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- On September 25, on the occasion of the opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games, China News Service officially launched the virtual digital human anchor "Xinmei". It is reported that it relies on AIGC (generative artificial intelligence) technology and has joined the Asian Games reporting of China News Agency as a "new member", and will be widely used in various new media platforms under China News Agency, China News Network, and Zhejiang Branch of China News Agency.

At present, the world is in an important shift period of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and the trend of mobility, socialization and visualization in the field of international communication is in the ascendant, and artificial intelligence is an important driving force. For example, in Zhejiang, where the digital economy is developed, artificial intelligence technology has been widely used in education, medical care, culture, urban governance and other fields. This has also bred fertile soil for the rapid development of media intelligence.

As a national news agency and a major news unit of the central government, China News Service has been committed to transmitting Chinese voices and telling Chinese stories well to the outside world over the past 71 years since its establishment, and in recent years, it has also accelerated the development of media integration to let the world better understand China. The use of AI digital human anchor "Xinmei" at the Hangzhou Asian Games is an important measure taken by China News Service to respond to the situation and continuously improve the all-media communication system.

This year's Hangzhou Asian Games will take "intelligence" as one of the concepts of the competition. It is reported that at the beginning of planning the Asian Games report, China News Service began to think about how to achieve communication innovation with technology empowerment, and strived to focus on acceptance and easy understanding. In this context, the AI digital human anchor "New Sister" was born. It will appear in the China News Agency's "Daily Broadcast", "Today's Highlights" and "Golden Medal Moment" to give more intelligent colors to the Asian Games coverage.

In the first issue of the "'New Sister' Takes You to See the Asian Games" program released on the 23rd, the vivid and beautiful "New Sister" looked forward to the Asian Games highlights for everyone and previewed the gold winning schedule, which attracted the praise of many netizens.

Where is the "new sister" new and what role can it play? "Fast" is an important keyword.

According to reports, the Hangzhou Asian Games will have 40 major events, 61 sub-events, 481 small events, and up to 47 gold medals will be produced in one day. In the face of intensive schedules and timeliness requirements, AIGC technology can quickly generate broadcast videos, helping news units seize the first landing point of news and facilitate readers to obtain fresh information about the Asian Games in the first time.

For example, in the Asian Games report, reporters can immediately input copy or audio after learning the results of the competition on the spot, and the corresponding spoken broadcast video can be generated, and "new sister" and "flash" are possible. At the same time, based on the ability of the large model, the "new girl" is no different from the real person in image and voice, and sounds quite "kind".

Reshaping the news production process with technologies such as artificial intelligence is not the same as allowing technology to replace real news producers. Using technology to improve the quality and efficiency of news, and maintaining the truth of news with its original intention, China News Service will continue to strengthen the integration and development of key elements such as talents and technology on the road of international communication, and continue to carry out creative practice and creative transformation in the content and method of "telling Chinese stories well", so as to better display a credible, lovely and respectable image of China. (End)