BEIJING, September 9 -- "This is the best race I've ever competed in, everything is great!" Khalid Hussein, a foil foil player from Qatar, lamented.

Although he lost in the men's individual foil qualifiers held a few days ago, this did not affect his good experience of the Hangzhou Asian Games trip.

With the Hangzhou Asian Games, many foreign athletes, sports officials, and even foreign netizens who came to China to compete have similar feelings.

On September 9, the opening ceremony of the 23th Asian Games in Hangzhou was held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium in Zhejiang. Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

"The opening ceremony was amazing"

Digital torchbearers, digital fireworks, exquisite theatrical performances... The opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games, full of science and technology and cultural elements, impressed many people.

Nora Almutari, an athlete from Kuwait, admits that after watching the opening ceremony, he could not find words to describe his excitement. "Everything was so wonderful! At the opening ceremony, we felt full of Chinese culture. ”

On social media, the opening ceremony pictures such as the digital torchbearer also attracted the admiration of many foreign netizens.

"It's unbelievable! How did they do it? ”

"The opening ceremony was so stunning, I watched it several times and still didn't understand how they created this digital torchbearer."

"Can't wait to see next year's Paris Olympics, will there be a design that goes beyond this [digital torchbearer]?"

"Of all the openings I've seen, it's the best."

Singh, acting president of the Olympic Council of Asia, also highly praised the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games. "This opening ceremony was the best of all the openings I have attended, and it was a phenomenal opening ceremony."

Opening ceremony ignition ceremony. Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

"Love to play here"

The Hangzhou Asian Games has entered its second competition day, and more and more athletes have stepped onto the stage to chase their dreams.

Indonesian tennis player Fitriadi had a good experience of the tournament, saying: "The atmosphere is fantastic, it's the first time so many people watch me play, I love it and I'm happy to play here. ”

Kuwaiti rower Mohammed Sabti praised the hardware facilities of the Hangzhou Asian Games: "The facilities here are fantastic, the water quality is very good, and the weather in Hangzhou is very comfortable, neither hot nor lukewarm, especially suitable for our athletes' performance level." China's preparations for the Asian Games are perfect, and I am very happy to be here. ”

Iranian volleyball veteran Seyed Mohammed is competing in the Asian Games for the fourth time and has also competed in two major competitions, Rio and Tokyo. In his opinion, the experience of the Hangzhou Asian Games is the best. "Good stay, good food, good organization, everything was perfect."

Hangzhou Asian Games Village. Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Gang

"China is doing great"

A perfect sense of experience is inseparable from the complete preparation and guarantee of the Hangzhou Asian Games. Singh, Acting President of the Olympic Council of Asia, said: "The opening ceremony and the services provided by the athletes' village, training venues, restaurants and other places were very good, and everyone was very satisfied with the preparations for this event. The training venue provides a very good guarantee for the training of athletes, which can effectively ensure the performance of athletes on the field and achieve good results. ”

"The cooperation and communication between us and the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee is very good, the coordination is very efficient, the docking and coordination between the working groups are also very smooth, and we have been maintaining close contact." Singh said.

Rossi, president of the International Shooting Sports Federation, revealed that he had previously collected a lot of information from coaches and athletes, who praised all the work of the Hangzhou Asian Games. "It's often easier said than done, but it's really complicated to do, and China is doing a great job."

As this is the first time for the Olympic Council of Asia staff member Hussei came to Hangzhou, he said: "Visiting China is a dream come true. When I have time, I may take a walk along West Lake. It is difficult to hold such a grand event, but China has done a good job. (End)