The coaches and players of the Samoa National Team, who will face the Japan National Team in the third match of the first round of the Rugby World Cup in France, held a press conference and expressed a sense of caution, saying, "Japan is the most disciplined and really good team in this tournament.

World No. 14 Japan and world No. 11 Samoa will face each other in their third match in Toulouse on 1 June Japan with a 2-1 record after two matches in Pool D of the first round.

Prior to that, Assistant Coach Tusi Pisi, who played for the Sunwolves in the Japan Top League and Super Rugby Sunwolves, attended a press conference in Montpellier, Samoa's base camp on 1 September, Danny Toala of the Bucks, and Brian Alainuese, a forward.

Coach Pisi: "The threat is to play as a team"

Coach Pisi commented on the Japan National Team, "We have a lot of good players, but the threat is that they play as a team.

"Japan are the most disciplined and really good team in the tournament, they have few penalties and have upset higher-ranked opponents in past World Cups. We will prepare ourselves as much as we can."

The Samoa National Team is characterized by both physical strength and speed, as well as high individual abilities.

In the recent World Cup, Japan have won two consecutive World Cups, in 2015 and 2019, but lost a test match in July by two goals, 2-7.

Japan will be a match we cannot afford to lose in order to advance through the first round.