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At Ajax, the performances on the pitch and in the stands are currently undercutting each other

Photo: IMAGO/Ajax Amsterdam v Feyenoord Rotterdam / IMAGO/ANP

The Dutch record champions Ajax Amsterdam had only picked up one point from their first five games under their new coach Maurice Steijn. That was the worst start to the season since 1965. The chance to steer the season in a better direction was offered by the top game against old rivals Feyenoord.

But the home fans – away supporters were not even allowed after incidents in the past games – were again bitterly disappointed. Santiago Giménez (9th/18th minute) and Igor Paixao (37th) gave the reigning champions an early lead.

The Ajax defense showed a disastrous performance. Full-back Anton Gaaei, who looked bad in the first two goals, was taken off by Stein after just over half an hour.

At this point, the mood in the stands had already changed. Referee Serdar Gözübüyük had to stop the game because of a cup thrown, then pyro flares flew into the penalty area of Rotterdam goalkeeper Timon Wellenreuther and Gözübüyük stopped the game a second time.

Fortführung oder Spielwertung Feyenoord

At the beginning of the second half, it was clear that another misconduct in the stands would lead to a premature end to the game. After ten minutes, the time had come. Now pyrotechnics flew from the Ajax corner into the penalty area of their own goalkeeper Jay Gorter. Gözübüyük sent the players to the dressing room – the premature end of another scandalous match between these two teams. In April, an Ajax player was hit in the head by an object during the cup semi-final in Rotterdam.

How to proceed with the aborted game will have to be decided by the Dutch association. There is a possibility of continuing the match with the current score on a neutral pitch or scoring the game in favour of Feyenoord.