The disappointment was great after Djurgården's loss against worst rival AIK. Djurgården's sporting director did not hold back.

"The loss is extremely heavy, I'm very disappointed with how we approach this game. AIK is perhaps a worse team but shows that they wanted to win this match, they gave everything from the referee blowing, it is under all criticism and AIK wins completely deservedly. We barely have any shots on goal. Shame pillow on, he says to SVT Sport.

At the same time, Bosse Andersson says that he himself is also responsible.

"It goes without saying that if you are a sporting director, a player or a leader, you have to be self-critical of the performance that we are doing today. Then we have six games left and then I want to see the players raise their hand and show that I want to play these games because today they didn't and that's the important thing we will take with us into 2024.