• Three companions of Jenni Hermoso, cited as witnesses in the case of the kiss of Rubiales

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has announced its dismissal to Miguel García Caba, until now responsible for the Integrity Area of the governing body of Spanish football.

As EL MUNDO has learned, the body now chaired by Pedro Rocha informed him yesterday afternoon of the dismissal, thus becoming the second senior official dismissed after the episode of Luis Rubiales' kiss to the player Jenni Hermoso after that of Andreu Camps, already former secretary general of the RFEF.

The expulsion of García Caba had become one of the main demands of the players of the selection to the new federation managers since the Integrity department prepared an internal report that reduced to a mere anecdote the kiss of Rubiales to Hermoso to exculpate him and try to get him to remain in his post.

The players have asked that the list of dismissals be extended to all those senior officials of the RFEF who in their opinion helped Rubiales to cover up his performance and who pressured the player Hermoso not to denounce the former head of Spanish football.

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