Beijing, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- After ending its unsatisfactory World Cup trip, the Chinese women's football team moved to the Hangzhou Asian Games.

In the first round of the group stage on the evening of the 22nd, the Chinese women's football team defeated the Mongolian women's football team 16:0 to win the Asian Games. In the game, Wang Shuang scored five goals alone, and Wang Shanshan scored twice.

The Chinese women's football team celebrates the goal. Photo by reporter Yin Liqin

In this Asian Games, the main framework of China's women's football team is basically unchanged compared with the World Cup, and only a few positions have been slightly adjusted. Overseas players Wang Shuang, Shen Mengyu and Li Mengwen return.

In terms of the starting lineup, Wang Linlin, who had not received much playing time in the World Cup before, played as a central defender, and Wang Shanshan returned to the forward line. Liuyang midfielder Shen Mengyu got the starting opportunity.

Due to the opponent's weak strength, Zhang Linyan and Li Mengwen were temporarily substituted.

Chinese women's football starting lineup. Image source: China Women's Football Team

Race progression

From the perspective of the progress of the game, the Chinese women's football team, ranked 15th in the world, is indeed much stronger than the Mongolian women's football team, which is ranked 127th in the world.

In the opening minute, the Chinese women's football team played a series of cooperation in front, and Wang Shuang scored with a powerful volley in the penalty area! China women's football team leads 1-0.

In the 7th minute of the game, Yan Jinjin crossed from the right and Wang Shanshan pushed to extend the score. In the 19th minute, Wang Shuang scored a goal and scored twice. In the 23rd minute, Liu Yanqiu scored. In the 25th minute, Wang Shuang scored a "hat-trick". In the 31st minute, Wang Shanshan scored a single goal to complete the double ring.

After that, Wang Shuang scored directly from a free kick to complete the senior year. Yang Lina also contributed a goal, and at the end of the first half, the Chinese women's football team led 8-0.

Yibian fought again, Yan Jinjin and Uzhigumura scored goals in succession, and Wang Shuang's fifth son Dengke. Then the Chinese women's football team continued to attack, and finally defeated the Mongolian women's football team 16-0 to win the Asian Games.

Start over

The Chinese women's football team previously assembled on the 9th of this month to prepare for the Hangzhou Asian Games. Compared with the preparation for the World Cup, this training period is not long, about 10 days.

Gao Chen, Wu Haiyan, Wu Chengshu, Tang Jiali and Xiao Yuyi in the World Cup list were not selected for the Asian Games, and Wang Yanwen, Liu Yanqiu, Yan Jinjin, Wuzhigumula, Ou Yiyao, five players who had a good performance in the league, were selected.

Although the Chinese women's football team has a considerable strength gap with the European first-class teams in the World Cup, from the perspective of the overall development level of the Asian women's football team, the Chinese team still has a certain strength advantage in Asian competitions.

Therefore, coming to the Hangzhou Asian Games is a good opportunity for the Chinese women's football team to re-start and regain confidence, and it can also further train newcomers, grind the lineup, and solve the problems that existed before.

In November, the Chinese women's football team still has a very important Paris Olympic qualifier to play, against the strong North Korean women's team, South Korean women's football team and Thai women's football team. At this Asian Games, the Chinese team will also face the challenges of these opponents with a high probability. (End)