In the opening round of the sumo autumn tournament, Shiroma, who is from Okinawa Prefecture, won all seven matches on the 22nd to win the championship.

On the 13th day of the 22nd, Shiroma faced Tsubakifuji, who was in the second stage, and won the championship by winning all seven matches.

Shiroma of the Onoue room is a 7-year-old from Urasoe City, Okinawa Prefecture.

When I was in junior high school and high school, I made a record in the national tournament, and I went on to the strong Japan university and passed the new apprentice examination in the spring.

In the summer, where his name was first listed in the numbering of the introductory no-kuchi, he took a leave of absence due to ongoing rehabilitation due to surgery on his left knee in his fourth year of university, and after being removed from the banzuke, he competed in a former sumo wrestling match in Nagoya in July and made a comeback.

In Akito, he entered the tournament with the 23th Higashi no Shoguchi, and with a height of 4 meter 7 centimeters and a weight of 18 kilograms, he took advantage of his physique to have four right sumo wrestlers.

After finishing the work, Shiroma said, "I was relieved, because in the daily practice, my master told me more about the muscles of the legs than the technique, so I just kept practicing to come forward. I was able to get a sumo wrestler with my legs out firmly."

As for the future, he expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "First of all, I think that if I get used to the place first, and most importantly, I think that if I think about that day, I will be able to move up before I know it.