In the third dan of the sumo autumn tournament, 37-year-old Kita * Harima, who has makuuchi experience, won all seven fights on the 22nd, becoming the oldest person in history to win the title.

On the 13th day of the 22rd dan of Akisho, on the 19nd, Kita Harima faced 6-year-old Gonoko, who won the high school yokozuna title last year, in all six fights, winning by "pushing".

Chiyoshi, who had won all six fights before this effort, was defeated, so Kita Harima, who had won all seven fights, won the championship.

His third dan victory at the age of 6 is the oldest in history, surpassing Tianyi, who won at the age of 7 in the autumn of Heisei 37.

Kitaharima is from Tatsuno, Hyogo Prefecture.

In the Nagoya place in Heisei 25, he made a new entry in 35 places, which was a slow promotion in line with the ninth place in history after the Showa era, but fell to 28 places in 9 place, and after that, the field under the makushita continued for a long time.

This is the first time in 85 years that he has competed in the third dan, and with a height of 1 meter 15 centimeters and a weight of 1 kilograms, he is slender for a sumo wrestler, but he has repeated his victories in push-sumo wrestling.

Kita Harima said, "I took it with confidence thinking that I would hit the No. 81 spot now, and I don't care about my age, and I think I can still do more."

Looking back on the third stage of the ring for the first time in 130 years, he said, "When I saw the numbering, I thought, 'I have fallen,' but once I got to the ring, I didn't care."

It is certain that he will return to the makushita, and he smiled, saying, "I quit because I don't like sumo, and my passion is welling up.

※ "Hari" is "Ishihen niban"