Seiya Suzuki of the Cubs threw a no-hitter against the Pirates on the 21st, and the team also lost, ending a painful losing streak in the wild-card battle to advance to the playoffs.

Suzuki started the game against the Pirates in Chicago with a right-to-center pitch in the sixth, and the first at-bat was a center field fly and the second was a strong hit, but it was a short ball.

In both the third and fourth at-bats, he fell on a fly to left field and third with runners on base.

The game ended with the Cubs taking the lead in the ninth inning, and after trailing by two runs, his fifth at-bat was a strikeout.

He threw a five-hit no-hitter in this game, and his batting average was 6.1.2.

The Cubs lost 3-4.

In the wild-card race for a three-team playoff spot, the third-place Cubs have suffered a painful losing streak at home and are tied with the Marlins on winning percentage, while the Reds are 9.2 games behind.

Nootvar no hits in the starting lineup.

Cardinals' Lars Nootvar started the game against the Brewers in St. Louis at No. 2 and started at center field, with a strikeout in the first at-bat, a strikeout in the second, a strikeout in the third, and a four-for-1 no-hitter in the fourth at-bat when he fell on a fly to center.

The Cardinals lost 2-3.