The Japan Sports Agency's council, which has been discussing the review of the Governance Code, a norm that sports organizations should follow, in order to prevent scandals and optimize the sports world, has compiled a report stating that "sports organizations need to respond flexibly to changes in society and the sports world, and are required not only to improve competitiveness but also to popularize sports and maximize the value of sports."

The "Sports Organization Governance Code" was formulated in the first year of Reiwa due to a series of scandals in the sports world, but the Japan Sports Agency council has been discussing revisions to ensure its effectiveness due to the continued scandals since then.

As a result, the council compiled a report on the 22nd and handed it over to the head of the Japan Sports Agency, Murofushi.

According to the report, "As the social environment changes due to the hosting of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and the coronavirus pandemic, sports organizations, as extremely public organizations, are required to ensure a particularly high level of governance, and it is necessary to respond flexibly to changes in the situation in society and the sports world."

In addition
, he points out that it is necessary not only to strengthen competitiveness and manage the Games,
but also to maximize the value of sports by actively contributing to the spread of sports and
the revitalization of society through sports.

Specifically, we believe that it is necessary to ensure diversity and revitalize the system of officers of sports organizations, etc., and we continue to request that the target ratio of directors be set at 25% or more externally and 40% or more female,
and that the term of office of directors be limited to 10 consecutive years in principle.

In addition, it is desirable to appropriately disclose the facts of the scandal that occurred, the details of the punishment, the root cause,
and measures to prevent recurrence depending on the case.

Upon receiving the report, Minister Murofushi stated, "I hope that the government will make further efforts to ensure governance in order to realize a sports world that inspires people by taking advantage of the rising expectations for sports."