Hear Khamzat Chimaev's manager talk about the star's change of country in the player above.

Khamzat Chimaev has represented Sweden for the last time. He is today one of the world's most hyped UFC fighters and has won twelve out of twelve fights.

Now he is changing his country to the United Arab Emirates.

"He's emigrated, he's not Swedish anymore," Shammas told SVT Sport.

Has he said why?

"He wants to emigrate.

The next fight is October 21 against Paulo Costa at UFC 294. It will be the debut of his new country, which he now lives in.

"He went down a while ago.

Are we talking weeks ago?


Criticized relationship with the President of Chechnya

Chimaev was born in Chechnya, but emigrated to Sweden at the age of 18. The now 29-year-old MMA star has for years been heavily criticized for his relationship with Chechnya's controversial President Ramzan Kadyrov, who has been called Vladimir Putin's attack dog. Kadyrov has also been accused of serious human rights violations such as murder and torture of opponents.

"If Chimaev supports such people, he obviously has blood on his hands," UFC star Jan Blachowicz has previously said.

For Expressen, Chimaev himself spoke about the relationship.

"He is the president of my country. There's a king in Sweden, right? If the king tells me to come and eat with him, I will. I will respect the king. He (Kadyrov) is the president of my country and I respect him," he said.

CLIP: Three questions about Chimaev's connection to Kadyrov

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Three questions about Chimaev's connection to Kadyrov Photo: Bildbyrån