Following the league championships of professional baseball, Hanshin and Orix, victory parades will be held on November 11 at Midosuji in Osaka and Sannomiya in Kobe.

This was revealed by Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture, Governor Saito of Hyogo Prefecture, and Chairman Matsumoto of the Kansai Economic Federation at a press conference on the 22nd.

According to this, the championship parade between Hanshin and Orix in professional baseball will be held separately on November 11 at Midosuji in Osaka City and Sannomiya in the center of Kobe City.

In line with this, we will also hold a project to further enliven the momentum of next year's Osaka-Kansai Expo.

Osaka Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, the Kansai Economic Federation, and others will set up an executive committee to consider the time of the parade and solicit donations and sponsorship from individuals and companies.

Mr. Matsumoto, Chairman of the Kansai Economic Federation, said, "I am really happy that both Kansai teams will be at the top of the league and that the parade will be held.

Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture said, "I think it will be a great momentum for the Osaka-Kansai Expo, so I would like to liven up the Expo together with the parade and create a wonderful future for Osaka and Kansai."

Governor Saito of Hyogo Prefecture said, "I think it is of great significance that Hyogo and Osaka work together to enliven the entire Kansai region."

President of ORIX Baseball Team: "Thank you very much"

Regarding the decision to hold the championship parade, ORIX Baseball Team President Michio Minato said, "Last year, we participated in the Midosuji Parade among a huge number of fans, more than 30,2 people. I am very grateful that we have won the league title this year and that we can share the joy with the fans in Osaka and Kobe in two places."