Press conference site. Photo by Qian Chenfei

Hangzhou, September 9 (Wang Yifei Qian Chenfei) On the 22st, the second round of the men's group stage of the Hangzhou Asian Games was held, and the host Chinese team beat the Myanmar team 21:4, winning two consecutive group games while qualifying early. After the game, the team's Serbian coach Dejan Jurjevic evaluated the performance of three over-age players, Tan Long, Liu Yang and Gao Tianyi, at the press conference. He said the three players were the leaders of the team and he was very pleased with their performance.

In this Asian Games, Tan Long from Changchun Yatai Team, Liu Yang from Shandong Taishan Team, and Gao Tianyi from Beijing Guoan Team were selected as over-age players into the men's Asian Games list. In the first two games of the group stage, all three started the game. Among them, Gao Tianyi scored in the first game, and in the game against Myanmar on the evening of the 21st, Tan Long scored twice, and Liu Yang also gave two assists.

Dejan Gyurjevic said: "In fact, when we choose these over-age players, we not only look at their skills and abilities, but also the character of the players. For example, Liu Yang and Tan Long, I went to see other competitions they participated in, communicated with them one-on-one, and found that they were very eager to join our team. ”

"The three players are not just over-age players, they are the leaders of our team and important members of our team," he said. Captain Tan Long also performed very well in the first game, just didn't score, but I saw the desire in his eyes. I'm very happy with the performance of these over-age players and I look forward to their continued performance in the next game." (End)