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If the success of the XV of France against Namibia in its third match of the Rugby World Cup is historic, the injury of Antoine Dupont, it comes to tremble the French fans. For Didier Lacroix, president of the Stade Toulousain who was able to accompany the captain of the Blues Thursday evening at the private hospital of Provence, the diagnosis will be decided within 48 hours.

A dream evening for the XV of France? Not so much. In their third Rugby World Cup match, the France team largely dominated Namibia (96-0) and scored the largest victory in their history. However, an event, which occurred at the beginning of the second half, tainted this historic success: the injury of Antoine Dupont. Victim of a violent clash with Johan Deysel, the "Minister of the Interior" suffers from a maxillozygomatic fracture.

"An incredible appetite"

"This injury requires additional medical elements, additional radiological examinations and a surgical decision that will be made within 48 hours. But of course, the whole world that follows the World Cup and the French as well as the entire medical world are in the process of unravelling to offer the best care and the best diagnoses for Antoine Dupont, "says Didier Lacroix at the microphone of Europe 1. The president of Stade Toulousain was able to accompany the captain of the XV de France in the ambulance that took him to the hospital. During the journey, he was able to see the psychological state of the best player of the Blues.

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"There is a major concern at the time of his injury because he felt there was gravity in it. He was in a lot of pain yesterday. Now it's getting better, he has an incredible appetite, he's already resilient as we know him with a health and safety objective for the future. But also a big desire to have the pleasure of finishing this World Cup," he said.

A diagnosis decided within 48 hours

This Friday, the captain of the France rugby team returned to Toulouse to consult specialists. For the occasion, Didier Lacroix accompanied his player to the pink city where he was able to do additional imaging tests. The purpose of moving is to "surround yourself with the best opinions". But concretely, how long will Antoine Dupont stay away from the group? "It will depend on what is diagnosed, what he can do in terms of physical preparation to get back in shape as quickly as possible," said Didier Lacroix.

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But first, we must finish reading this diagnosis in order to know if there is an intervention to be done or not. "Again, it will be decided within 48 hours. We have to find a lot of calm and serenity in relation to that, even if the decisions we are going to take are important for him, first of all, but also for the rest of the World Cup. Asked about the presence of Antoine Dupont at the end of the competition, Didier Lacroix's answer was unanimous. "Yes because I believe in destiny and I hope he still has wonderful things to do on the pitch that we all need."