Hangzhou, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) (Bao Mengni) In September, the fragrance of dangui is wafting, and the opening of the Hangzhou Asian Games is imminent. Focusing on Hangzhou, the city is going all out for the Asian Games and the Asian Games empowering urban development is becoming a distinctive feature. Located on the banks of the Qiantang River, Hangzhou's Qiantang District is the embodiment of the host's efforts to make the Asian Games and the city "love together".

Qiantang has a total of 4 Asian (paralympic) Games competition venues and 5 training venues, and is expected to produce 70 gold medals during the Hangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games, and is the host area of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

On the one hand, Qiantang is to the Asian Games, it is a grand event.

In order to ensure the success of the Asian Games and show the cultural style of the host city to the guests from all sides, Qiantang District has done a lot of homework. For example, in terms of transportation, 18 Asian Games commuter roads have been renovated, and the transportation system of "external and internal communication" has been increasingly improved; In terms of venues, the newly renovated (renovated) competition venues apply a number of "black technologies" to enhance the competition environment; In terms of urban environment, the strong Asian Games elements on both sides of the road, at highway intersections and next to subway stations are welcoming guests from all over the world with open arms.

Qiantang District welcomes the Asian Games art installation "New Qiantang Gate". Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Qiantang District Party Committee

At the same time, local people are also trying to contribute to the arrival of the Asian Games.

Qiantang, which has the largest higher education park in Zhejiang Province, is the "main force" for transporting Asian Games volunteers "Xiaoqinghe". Take Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, which is located in the district and has selected more than 2800,<> volunteers for the Games, as an example, it is the university with the largest number of service competition venues, the longest time span and the largest number of volunteers recruited during the Hangzhou Asian Games.

In Qiantang, the upsurge of "the whole people welcoming the Asian Games" is indispensable to the figure of the "silver-haired people". A few days ago, Wu Mujiao, a 67-year-old community volunteer, relied on her superb needlework skills to change dozens of volunteer clothing from volunteers in nearby cities in the community to fit appropriately in one morning.

"I also learned English with community teachers, and I can speak two sentences when I meet foreigners." Wu Mujiao did not expect that she could personally participate in this grand event.

336 women from the Qiantang District Gongfu Workshop also welcomed the Asian Games with a needle and a thread. More than <>,<> handmade products made by him will be presented to spectators watching the Asian Games roller skating and skateboarding competitions as "Asian Games viewing gifts", so that visitors from all walks of life can feel the temperature of the city while watching the games.

Xu Qiaoyan, head of the Qiantang District Gongfu Workshop Service Center, said that they had prepared 5000,5000 handmade fabrics of "tulips", <>,<> "sunflowers" and hundreds of "zodiac rabbits". In her view, this is an opportunity for women sisters to contribute to the Asian Games.

Handmade fabrics made by women in the Qiantang District Gongfu Workshop. Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Qiantang District Party Committee

On the other hand, the Asian Games in Qiantang is a grand event that benefits the whole people.

Strolling through the local riverside Asian Games theme park, the white markings of the riverside trail are new, echoing the red, gray and blue colors, the "sunrise Qiantang" circular sculpture counts down the arrival day of the Asian Games, and there are automatic punch machines and intelligent seats along the line, which together add a bit of "novelty" to the park. In order to welcome the arrival of the Asian Games, the park was upgraded at the end of July this year.

Yu Chentao, the person in charge of the project, said that the upgrading project involves a total length of 16.5 kilometers of greenway, a green area of 10,24 square meters, and flowers such as sage, lily, and iris are also planted in the green place, so that citizens can enjoy the flowers while running.

Using the city's "golden horn and silver edge" to drive national fitness, the "Asian Games benefiting the people" effect is becoming considerable in Qiantang. Up to now, Qiantang has transformed 16 vacant spaces under bridges, green parks and around parking lots into seven-a-side football fields, five-a-side basketball courts, badminton courts and tennis courts, making it easier for citizens to "move" at their doorstep.

The "Asian Games benefiting the people" is also reflected in the opening of the Asian Games venues. After the postponement of the Hangzhou Asian Games last year, Hangzhou set a precedent for domestic comprehensive sports venues to be opened to the public before the competition. In this context, the Qiantang Roller Skating Center, which hosts roller skating and skateboarding competitions at the Asian Games, has received more than 10,<> citizens so far.

Qiantang Roller Skating Center held the Asian Games Test Event. Photo by Bao Mengni

"After the event, it will realize diversified applications such as event hosting, cultural and sports activities, and experience visits, and will continue to be open to the public to further promote the popularization and promotion of roller skating." He Yun, a staff member of the Hangzhou Asian Games Qiantang Roller Skating Center venue operation team, said.

The reporter learned that Qiantang will also rely on the site advantages of the Qiantang Roller Skating Center to build a professional roller skating team, set up six roller skating characteristic schools, create a number of roller skating training bases, and continue to provide daily training venues for provincial, municipal and district roller skating teams, so that an event drives an industry and realizes the continuous empowerment of the Asian Games city.

The arrival of the Asian Games is also helping to further improve the social civilization of Qiantang. More than 160 "Jishan Spaces" have been built in the local area, which will provide a warm place for various social groups such as sanitation workers, online food delivery workers, municipal maintenance workers, landscaping chemicals, taxi drivers, traffic police, and postal (express) delivery workers to integrate rest, drinking water, hot meals, charging, learning and other services during the Asian Games.

These "good spaces" are mainly distributed in administrative service centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, business halls and street communities. Chen Bin, head of the Civilization Construction Section of the Propaganda Department of the Qiantang District Party Committee, introduced.

This golden autumn, in Qiantang and Hangzhou, the city and the Asian Games "love together", and the city and the Asian Games are also "achievements" with each other, realizing common wonder. (End)