Shaoxing, September 9 (ZXS) -- On the evening of September 21, Group A of the men's volleyball preliminary round of the Hangzhou Asian Games continued to be held at the China Textile City Sports Center Gymnasium, and the host Chinese team defeated the Kazakhstan team 9-21. This means that the Chinese men's volleyball team has won two consecutive victories and qualified first in the group stage.

A total of 19 men's volleyball teams participated in this year's Asian Games, and according to the results of the draw, the Chinese team was in Group A with Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. The first two matches of Group A have been revealed, with Kazakhstan beating Kyrgyzstan 3-2 and China beating Kyrgyzstan 3-0.

That night was the last match of Group A of the men's volleyball preliminary round, and it was also a contest between "old opponents".

In the first game, the Chinese team was slightly nervous, and after losing three consecutive points in the opening game, they entered the first technical timeout 3:3. After a short adjustment, the Chinese team caught up with the score, and the two sides chased me, and finally the Chinese team won the first game 6:25.

In the second game, the Chinese team also suppressed and then raised, and the Kazakhstan team asked for two technical timeouts to catch up all the way to stretch the gap to 2 points. After that, the Chinese team roared and went to the next city at 25:23.

In the third game, China took the lead to establish the lead, and then Kazakhstan clenched the score and even overtook it, entering the first technical timeout at 12:12. After that, the Chinese team scored several attacks and finally won the match 25:20.

"It was a bit restrained at first, but then it adjusted. Today was generally smooth. Chinese men's volleyball setter Yu Yaochen said in an interview after the game.

Zhang Jingyin, the main player of the Chinese men's volleyball team, said in an interview after the game that compared with yesterday's first game against Kyrgyzstan, "today's pass and offensive link are better than yesterday." Tomorrow's cross-knockout game is also very important for us and hopefully we can play this well with the team tomorrow." ”

In fact, the Chinese team and the Kazakhstan team have played each other many times in the international arena. Just a month ago, in the group stage of the 2023 Men's Volleyball Asian Championship, the Chinese men's volleyball team fought hard for 5 games and narrowly defeated Kazakhstan 3:2. For this group stage, Zhang Jingyin also gave a good evaluation, "Today, the Kazakhstan team did a very good defensive and serve is also very aggressive. ”

The Hangzhou Asian Games will open on the evening of the 23rd, and the men's volleyball competition will start ahead of schedule. Next, the men's volleyball team will play a cross-elimination match. (End)