Wenzhou, September 9 (ZXS) -- On the evening of September 22, the first round of women's group B of football at the 9th Asian Games in Hangzhou began at the Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, and Chinese Taipei defeated India 21-19.

The two sides ended the first half 0-0. In the 46th minute of the second half, India's Anju Tamang broke the deadlock by scoring first; In the 68th minute, Chinese Taipei's Lai Liqin scored to equalize the score; In the 84th minute, Chinese Taipei's Su Yuxuan scored to make it 2-1.

"In fact, we can score a lot of chances in the first half, some of our cooperation, some long-range shots, there is a possibility to score. The players were a little nervous at first, but they will be much better when they adjust their mentality. Chinese Taipei head coach Chen Xiaoming said in an interview.

India coach Thomas Dennaby Lennart said it was India's first match since April 4 and he was very proud of the quality of the game the Indian team played, "The Indian women's football team is developing fast because we have many talented players and I am confident about the future. ”

During the game, the spectators in the stands cheered frequently, cheering for the Chinese Taipei team. After the match, the players walked to the stands and bowed to the spectators. Chen Xiaoming said: "Thank you to the fans for their encouragement to the players and giving them the momentum to play at home, I believe they must have felt it. ”

"The coach told me we were going to win this game, so I gave myself a lot of confidence and always wanted to move forward and break through their backline. I was happy to score a goal today and thanks to my team-mates for helping us to win together. Su Yuxuan said.

Chinese Taipei will play Thailand in the third round of Women's Group B on September 9. (End)