【Commentary】Ling Guoguang Hangzhou local, a marathon enthusiast, West Lake long-distance running team member, 75 years old this year he runs almost every day in the streets of Hangzhou, in order to celebrate this year's Hangzhou Asian Games, the long-distance running team organized a wealth of activities, through the form of running to promote Hangzhou, publicize the Asian Games.

【Contemporaneous】Marathon enthusiast Ling Guoguang

As citizens of Hangzhou, we are particularly excited and excited about the Asian Games being held on our doorstep. So as our long-distance running enthusiasts, it is during the Asian Games, we insist on running every day, running along the Qiantang River, some of them are running by the West Lake, and they are around the lake for 10 kilometers. We are running with a small red flag, while to the surrounding citizens and tourists from other places to Hangzhou, we welcome you in Hangzhou, the Hangzhou Asian Games will be opened this year.

Ling Guoguang told reporters that in order to enhance his physique when he was young, he became associated with long-distance running, which was more than 30 years.

【Contemporaneous】Marathon enthusiast Ling Guoguang

Marathon long-distance running it depends on their own strong perseverance, cultivate their own will, that is, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, then must have a goal according to themselves, like me running, I am focused on participating in sharing happiness, through long-distance running through their hobbies to drive the people around them, so that they can increase their physique. In addition, it can have a vigorous upward, a vigorous taste.

【Commentary】The fate of Ling Guoguang and the Asian Games can be traced back to the Beijing Asian Games 33 years ago, when he was invited to Beijing to participate in the activities of the national long-distance running team and celebrate the Asian Games by measuring Beijing through long-distance running.

【Contemporaneous】Marathon enthusiast Ling Guoguang

The 1990 Beijing Asian Games are still fresh in my memory, and although so many years have passed, the Beijing Asian Games is the first international competition in China. [We] had an event in Beijing, which was 25 kilometers from Tiananmen Square to the Asian Games Village, and at that time we set out at half past five in the morning, running along Beijing's fifth ring road with a small red flag, so the citizens of Beijing also welcomed us, knowing that you are from Hangzhou, and applauded us.

【Commentary】Ling Guoguang introduced that from the Beijing Asian Games to the Hangzhou Asian Games, the marathon he loves is developing, and the country's development is also changing with each passing day. He hopes that the country will get better and better, the national fitness activities will be more abundant, and he will strive to run to the age of 100.

【Contemporaneous】Marathon enthusiast Ling Guoguang

After so many years, our country has also continued to develop and progress, then the economy has also developed, and sports have also developed.

(Hope) our country is getting better and better, the people are getting healthier and healthier, and the comprehensive fitness activities are more colorful, so that our community is more beautiful, and we can run until the age of 100 according to our physical condition.

Reporting by reporters Shen Yishan and Wu Liujing from Hangzhou

Responsible Editor: [Liu Pai]