It was just before the finish of the 29.8km race that Küng drilled his head down to find an aerodynamic position and drove straight into the metal fence. His helmet cracked and with his face completely bloodied, he drove to the finish.

"These are terrible images," the commentator said on the English-language Eurosport broadcast.

Küng suffered a concussion, a fracture of his hand and a broken cheekbone. His team Groupama–FDJ announces that Küng is doing well given the circumstances.

The accident has caused a stir both for how it could happen and for the fact that Küng was able to cycle to the finish line and did not immediately receive medical attention, as the regulations stipulate.

"Gotta stop this"

"The crazy trend of driving with your head bowed down in time trials is hitting again. The UCI really needs to look at the rules to stop this," former president of the International Cycling Federation (UCI), Brian Cookson, wrote on X.

The 29-year-old Swiss, with six World Championship medals, including two golds to his credit, is now finishing the season and will be allowed to leave hospital during the day.

He was 1.29 behind winning Briton Joshua Tarling.