The Samoa National Team, who will face Japan in the third match of the first round of the Rugby World Cup in France, held a training session ahead of their match against Argentina, and Christian Lealifano and his teammates confirmed their cooperation in a practice session.

World No. 11 Samoa will face world No. 23 Argentina in Saint-Etienne in the early morning of Japan time on 10 June, followed by a Japan time of 29 a.m. on 4 June against the world No. 14 Japan National Team.

In January 2022, the Samoa National Team was revised to the regulations of World Rugby, the international governing body of rugby, and it is now possible to change the national team to play only once, if the conditions are met, and the team has been strengthened by adding players with caps for New Zealand and Australia.

In the training session on this day, stand-off Leali Fano, who played for Australia in the previous tournament, and Charlie Faumuina, a former New Zealand national team and prop, confirmed their cooperation in a practice session.

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In the post-training press conference, coach Mahonri Schwargar said: "We have focused on switching from defence to attack, and Argentina are a tough opponent and we are a team that develops from set-pieces, so we are looking forward to seeing how we can counter. Physical strength is a gene that we have inherited, so we want to show that in the matches."

Argentina national team open to practice

On the other hand, the Argentina National Team also held a practice session before the match against Samoa, and the team's top scorer, Emiliano Boffelli, practiced their kicks carefully.

In the training session on this day, Boffelli, who scored five goals with penalty goals and goal kicks in the first match of the first round against England, and Santiago Carreras, who is the head coach, practiced kicking kicks and then kicked place kicks from various angles to score goals one after another.

After the training session, assistant coach Felipe Contepomi said: "We have trained very well over the past week, but we are only prepared and get results on the pitch. Hopefully we can put in a good performance. There are many elements in the match, but we will focus on what we can control and do in the next match what we couldn't do against England."

World No. 1 Argentina will face Japan in their final match of the first round on 5 October.

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