Beijing, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- When 21Swan became serious, he didn't look like he was only 33 years old. He dissects himself in a coherent way, even with the indifference of a bystander. After some long off-season after the PEL Peace Elite summer, he wasn't completely idle. The unsatisfactory results have undoubtedly put pressure on him, but now the 23Swan can handle it with ease.

Either because he left home to pursue a career since he was a child, or because he has always attracted attention, his growth seems to be faster than time itself.


2023 is not a very good year for both Team 33Swan and Team 4AM. Ranked fourth in the Spring Finals, missed the Summer Finals, and ultimately failed to reach the Peace Elite Global Finals.

At the tail of this summer, 33Swan wears a suit and sits on the commentary stage for the summer finals. Although the commentary was well received, after the competition, he wrote on Weibo: "I want to go to work in a different way next time." ”

33Svan is not satisfied with his performance this year: "I didn't perform particularly well in the ring, the team's form fluctuated a bit throughout the year, and I kept changing positions myself. ”

33Svan's real name is Zhong Hongsen, this is the fifth year that "33Svan" and "Peace Elite" have walked together, and he is no longer a fledgling general. When it comes to competition-related topics, 33Swan seems calm.

33Svan。 Photo courtesy of interviewee

"Regardless of the results, the pressure I feel is gradually decreasing every year. My mindset is getting better and better, and there are more and more ways to deal with stress. ”

Now he is a peaceful elite star player, and 33Swan is quite handy for dealing with the game and the many trivial things that accompany it. He said it was because his mindset had changed. "When the grades are not good or when there is a lot of work, try to deal with it one by one as much as possible, and slowly smooth things out."

It sounds a lot like a "working old man", but how can an esports player really "calm down"? 33Swan said that sitting in the commentary booth and watching the game is more exciting, but playing the game by yourself can be nervous. He doesn't want to be a spectator anymore, because watching other people play will "itch his hands".

"I still keep training, and then slowly grow, and next year will definitely be a year that is still gradually rising." 33Swan envisions next year.


In 2019, 4AM won the inaugural PEL Peace Elite Pro League championship. At that time, 33Swan looked like a high school student, and he was also a younger brother on the team.

Image source: PEL's Peace Elite Pro League official blog

People use "white horse crossing gap" to describe the rapid passage of time, and the leap of "white horse" is the crowd of people in the e-sports arena.

33Swan experienced ups and downs at 4AM and became the big brother on the team, which meant he had more responsibility than before. "As the commander of the team, you need to lead them in a better direction, and then you also need to teach them something, more to play the role of a big brother on the field."

His role on the field is not unexpected, but the 33Swan off the field may not be the same as many people's vision of "big brother". He confesses that he does not like to "teach" others, "I rarely point out other people's mistakes, but say things in a more gentle way." ”

When the team is in a slump, he naturally has a lot of problems in training and games, and occasionally he gets angry about it. But even so, 33Swan will choose a gentle way to communicate.

"At this time, I rarely talk about other players, because when I don't play well, everyone is in a bad mood, and if I say something about a certain player, the effect may not be good."

33Svan。 Photo courtesy of interviewee

He is used to taking care of other people's mentality, but his own mentality is somewhat free. Almost since the beginning of his career, 33Swan has been able to hear negative reviews, and in the past two years, the popularity of the entire esports industry has continued to rise, and various voices have poured in. He is not afraid of these voices, and often goes to Weibo private messages.

"I always feel that this is not a very important thing, for example, there are some private messages, I think the suggestions that can play a role are indeed right, but if it is the kind of catharsis of negative energy, I will not respond, I just look at it and forget."

childlike innocence

Unlike the image of esports players inherent in many people's minds, 33Svan's communication style is particularly rational. He admitted that his psychological state was more mature than his actual age, and confessed that many people around him advised him not to be a "little adult" because he would be very tired.

He feels that he is indeed a "little adult": "Sometimes your ambitions can't keep up with your current age, or your abilities can't match, which will make you haggard, so I try to improve my abilities." ”

33Svan。 Photo courtesy of interviewee

As if caught in some kind of paradox, 33Swan controls himself not to be too mature beyond his age, but by making himself mature. Even putting aside his aura as an esports player, he still feels worth exploring.

Of course, this "little adult" is not so heavy. "Because I'm working professionally, I'm in operations, these are all things I want to do, and I always have a heart that I love." And then when I was exposed to other things, it was more of a wait-and-see angle, so I didn't feel tired yet. 33Swan said.

The "love" he calls is a bit different from the concept that people often talk about: "This is a world for adults, and there will be not only loves, but also some that have to be loved." ”

Such a 33Swan may seem cold, but when he tells the story of the 2022 Jakarta Peace Elite Global Finals, he comes alive again.

33Svan。 Photo courtesy of interviewee

He only finished eighth in 4AM in that competition, and 33Svan posted a Weibo post after the game, and the fan's reply made him cry. "But I cried for a while, and I didn't hold my head and cry, I just dripped tears." He laughed and teased himself: "You still have to do a good job of a strong character." ”

This should be what he looks like when he is most relaxed outside the arena, so when describing himself in a few words, it is not so surprising that he first mentioned "a child with a childlike heart" before choosing "emotionally stable" and "motivated". (End)