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André Onana blundered in the first group match in the Champions League

Photo: Alex Grimm / Getty Images

Manchester United goalkeeper André Onana has taken responsibility for his side's 3-4 Champions League defeat to Bayern Munich. Bayern had taken the lead after a mistake by the Cameroonian international, an unplaced shot by Leroy Sané had slipped through Onana's hands.

"We started very well, and after my mistake we lost control of the game," he said. "I let the team down. Because of me, we didn't win the game," he told TNT Sports. Onana reportedly asked to be allowed to speak to the media. "I still have a lot to prove. My start at United wasn't as good, not the way I wanted it to be," the 27-year-old continued.

Coach ten Hag criticises the whole team

Manchester coach Erik ten Hag defended his goalkeeper. "There will always be mistakes in football, and this is a mistake," he said. "So we don't make it bigger than it is. He's going to recover from that and he's a very important player."

Ten Hag was rather annoyed by the way Sané was able to enter the penalty area unhindered, pass the ball to Harry Kane and finish. "The first goal was too easy, and not just because of André," ten Hag said. "You can see how easily Sané got through, and that has to do with determination. You don't just let the players through."

He also criticised Serge Gnabry's 2-0 lead, who added four minutes later after Jamal Musiala's assist. "It's almost similar to how easily the players get through our penalty area and finish. That can't be," ten Hag said.

You have to suffer and sacrifice yourself to prevent this. "Only if we can do that will we win games. If you score three goals in Munich, you have to take a point."