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Last week, the big Instagram account Jumpers World announced that the international athletics federation, World Athletics, will change the plank after the massive criticism during the World Athletics Championships in Budapest.

But a few hours later, the post was gone.

Now the founder of Jumpers World, the Danish-Macedonian long jumper Andreas Trajkovski, explains what happened:

– I was contacted directly by World Athetics who asked me to remove the post. They asked politely and I agreed, because I'm not looking to frame World Athletics. But what it's about is making the sport better for the athletes.

"Very likely to change"

However, he is sticking to reports that World Athletics are considering changing the plank.

"I can't tell you who my source is, but they said they will raise the issue at the next meeting in the autumn. And that it is very likely that it will change for the next championship (the World Indoor Championships in Glasgow in March).

A spokesperson at World Athletics confirms to SVT Sport that they asked Trajkovski to remove the post, but otherwise refers to a formal statement.

To be evaluated according to World Athletics

It states that the federation's technical team will evaluate the injuries that occurred during the World Cup.

"The technical team compares different factors of the jumpers such as shoes, spikes, approach and jumping technique to see if there was any common explanation for why some of the athletes injured themselves and others did not. It is the standard version after a championship. The evaluation will be completed in October," World Athletics writes.

The criticism is that the new planks are potentially dangerous in case of violation because they lack the raised edge and plastic ellina that has previously been used.

At the World Athletics Championships and even in the past, there have been examples of jumpers who have injured themselves because they slip when they get the plank wrong.

"A lot of athletes have contacted me and said it's like a joke. They have pointed out how many people have been injured," says Andreas Trajkovski.