Bangkok, September 9 (ZXS) -- On the evening of the 20th local time, Group H of the 20/2023 AFC Champions League began a fierce contest in Buriram Province, Thailand. Last season's Thai League Cup triple crown champions Buriram United got off to a good start with a 24-4 home win over Chinese Super League side Zhejiang Greentown.

As soon as the match began, the two sides immediately engaged in a confrontation after a brief trial. In the 17th minute, Buriram United's No. 5 Tirathong crossed and No. 26 Tunbia headed in front of the goal to score the home team.

Just one minute later, Buriram United's No. 1 Ratthana cross, No. 8 Dunbia was tripped in the penalty area, and the referee awarded a penalty. Serbian No. 26 then scored from a penalty to extend the score to 20-2.

Since then, Buriram United have increasingly taken the initiative on the field and have made a number of threatening attacks. In the 43rd minute, Josić's header in front of the goal extended the score to 3-0.

In the round before the VAR prompt at the end of the first half, Buriram United, suspected of fouling in their own penalty area, the referee saw the replay video, decisively awarded a penalty. Zhejiang Greentown No. 45 Leonardo chased the score to 1:3.

In the 55th minute, Thailand international Tirathorn sent a corner kick, causing a scuffle in the Zhejiang Greentown penalty area, and Buriram United No. 3 Panya extended the score to 4-1.

After that, Buriram United contracted the defensive line, Zhejiang Greentown team frequently changed and adjusted, trying to reverse the unfavorable situation on the field, and also created killings in the opponent's penalty area many times, but in this game, Buriram United goalkeeper Sivara played well and tried to keep the goal intact, and finally Buriram United defeated Zhejiang Greentown 4:1. (End)