Hangzhou, September 9 (Reporter Zhang Bin) The Hangzhou Asian Games will officially open on September 21. At the opening ceremony, the artistic simulation "reproduced" Qian Jiangchao and wafted out the "fragrance of osmanthus flowers". The main cauldron fuel for the Asian Games will be lit using green methanol regenerated from waste carbon...

On the 21st, the press conference on the preparations for the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games was held in the press conference hall of the main media center of the Asian Games, and many details were "revealed" in advance.

On the 21st, the press conference on the preparations for the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games was held in the press conference hall of the main media center of the Asian Games. Photo by reporter Cui Nan

The lighting of the cauldron tower was the "biggest highlight" of the opening ceremony

"The various ways to light the cauldron have been 'exhausted'. How can this ignition be a different way, this is a question that our director team has been considering. At the press conference, Sha Xiaolan, chief director and chief producer of the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games, said that the biggest highlight of the opening ceremony was the lighting of the cauldron.

According to its disclosure, the main cauldron of the core installation is called "Tidal Surge", which consists of 19 curved pillars to form a tidal shape, representing the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, echoing the theme song of the opening ceremony "Tide Rising Asia".

The surface of the cauldron is a mirror material, which creates a sparkling texture and shows a soft and flexible movement. As for the ignition method, Sha Xiaolan revealed the keyword: combination of data and reality.

He said that strengthening the body is a matter for the whole people, and he hopes that more people will participate. At present, the number of digital torchbearers for the Hangzhou Asian Games has reached hundreds of millions. At that time, the digital torchbearer will "step across the Qiantang River" and come to the "Big Lotus" of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium, light the main cauldron with the offline torchbearer, and participate in the ignition method of combining data and reality.

"This is also a concrete embodiment of a community with a shared future for mankind, and it is also the embodiment of the return of the national sportsmanship to the ontology of sports." Sha Xiaolan said.

Li Yiqing, spokesperson of the command center of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Hangzhou Asian Games, also revealed that in order to uphold the green concept and help build the first carbon-neutral Asian Games in the history of the Asian Games, the opening ceremony will use green methanol recycled from waste carbon as the fuel for the main cauldron tower for the first time to achieve zero emissions in the cycle.

The perfect integration of science and technology and art "reproduces" Qian Jiangchao artistically

In addition to lighting the cauldron, the entire opening ceremony will integrate digital and real, highlighting China's scientific and technological innovation in the intelligent era.

The reporter learned from the press conference that the opening ceremony performance will artistically "reproduce" the cross tide, the first-line tide, the turning tide, the fish scale tide and other Qiantang tides on the floor.

Leng Huang, chief writer of the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games, said that in order to show the state of the tide, the director team carried out digital model measurement. At that time, everyone will see the wave of real reproduction and surpassing reality on the spot and on TV. "'The game and symbiosis between man and nature' is the spiritual core of the tide, and the director team will use 3D Sunway technology to show the 'power and beauty' of the wave."

Sha Xiaolan also said that the team applied dual 3D WIA technology to the air of a large sports field for the first time. At that time, the male and female duo actors who are three-dimensional swirling in the air will interact with the waves in the floor in time, "This is a two-way rush between people and grass and beauty." ”

In addition, the opening ceremony of this Asian Games will "set off" electronic fireworks, that is, use three-dimensional animation and AR technology to display digital fireworks, so that fireworks can be "set off" at important transmission points. Spectators can see the rendered fireworks through a 185-meter-wide and 15-meter-high "net screen." By collecting the real movement of fireworks, it forms a dual visual and auditory experience.

Highlight the "elegant everywhere is ordinary" Jiangnan life aesthetics

"The outstanding characteristics of 'Song Yun' in the main performance are first manifested in oriental aesthetics and exquisite and elegant attitude to life." Leng Huang introduced.

As he said, "Song Yun" and "Poetry" will be presented in a concentrated manner at the opening ceremony. At that time, the theatrical performances on 10 Song Yun-themed cruise ships will show calligraphy and painting, tea ceremony, incense ceremony, umbrella holding, seal carving, porcelain, silk, game, sword dance, guzheng, drinking, painting, chanting and other elements of Song Dynasty life, highlighting the "elegant everywhere is ordinary" Jiangnan life aesthetics.

"We have also upgraded the installation art of the intangible cultural heritage elements of Hangzhou and Zhejiang, umbrellas and lanterns. At the scene, you will see hundreds of oil-paper umbrellas instantly turned into lamps, and image-type lanterns, which not only light up the scene, but also present virtual vision of rising lanterns in front of the TV. Leng Rin said.

It is worth mentioning that osmanthus will become an element that echoes from beginning to end - the opening ceremony is one of the autumnal equinoxes, one of the twenty-four solar terms of the Chinese calendar, this season coincides with the bloom of osmanthus flowers, and "osmanthus" is also the city flower of Hangzhou.

"When the athletes entered, the 'osmanthus drum' played a welcoming ceremony, and when the final theme song was sung, the simulated osmanthus petals floating from the sky over the 'big lotus' and the fragrance of osmanthus flowers emanating from everywhere brought sensory visual, olfactory and auditory experiences, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the autumn invitation of the host Hangzhou." Leng Rin said.

The actors "don't invite celebrities" are all student volunteers in Hangzhou University

"At the opening ceremony, we had three creative points – based in Hangzhou, expressing China, and thinking about Asia, which is the source of everything we do." Lu Chuan, chief director of the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games, said at the press conference.

As a film director, Lu Chuan specially recommended the film at the opening ceremony: this film is a visual refinement and interpretation of the entire performance, which complements the performance, is a "love letter" written by the director team to Hangzhou, and is also an invitation sent by Hangzhou to the world.

"We will strive to be simple but not simple, grand but not luxurious." Li Yiqing said that the opening ceremony insisted on "not inviting celebrities" in terms of actors, and the group performers were all composed of college student volunteers in Hangzhou. In addition, the opening ceremony has developed an emergency plan for possible extreme weather. (End)