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Heart to heart, Aida future. The 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou will open on September 9. At the opening of the event, Chinanews.com launched the "Asian Games Eight Questions" series of planning, inviting you to this "future" appointment.

Beijing, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- On September 21, the Hangzhou Asian Games will arrive as scheduled, and this Asian Games is the largest, most eventful, and most extensive coverage in the history of the Asian Games. Over 9 competition days, the Hangzhou Asian Games will produce as many as 23 gold medals, and more than 15,481 athletes from 45 Asian countries and regions are ready to go.

The design idea of the torch "Flame" of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou is derived from the Liangzhu culture, which empirically verifies the history of <>,<> years of Chinese civilization. Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Gang

481 gold medals

The Hangzhou Asian Games will be held from September 9 to October 23. According to data presented at the press conference on the 10-day countdown to the Hangzhou Asian Games, all 8 Asian national and regional Olympic committees will register for the Hangzhou Asian Games, of which 30,45 are athletes. This year's Asian Games will eventually set up 12417 major events, 40 sub-events and 61 sub-events. Of the 481 sports, 40 are based on the next Paris Olympic Games, in addition to 29 non-Olympic sports.

In addition to traditional sports such as football, basketball, track and field, and swimming, this year's Asian Games incorporates non-Olympic sports popular among Asian ethnic groups, such as rattan, cricket, and jiu-jitsu.

Hangzhou Asian Games Main Media Center. Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Gang

Athletics became a gold medalist

According to the latest schedule of the Hangzhou Asian Games, a total of 31 gold medals will be awarded in swimming, judo, wushu, shooting and other events on the first competition day.

The fourth competition day will be the most glittering, with up to 4 gold medals in swimming, cycling, fencing, sailing, taekwondo and more. In addition, the day before the closing day is also the peak of the competition for gold medals, which will produce 47 gold medals.

Among the 40 sports, athletics has become the gold medalist, and 48 gold medals will be produced. Swimming will follow, with 41 gold medals.

Data map: In the men's basketball final of the Asian Games in Jakarta, the Chinese team, which once trailed by more than 10 points, fought back in the second half and finally defeated Iran 84:72, regaining the Asian Games championship after eight years. Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Dongming

The Chinese corps continued to charge

In the last Asian Games, the Chinese sports delegation won 132 gold, 92 silver, 65 bronze and a total of 289 medals, ranking first in the gold medal list and medal table, and dominated the top spot for ten consecutive years. In this home game, the Chinese Legion will continue its fine tradition and continue to attack the gold medal. The Chinese sports delegation to the Hangzhou Asian Games included 886 athletes, including 36 Olympic champions.

From the perspective of events, swimming, athletics, rowing, canoeing and diving will become the main gold medals of the Chinese team. At the Asian Games in Jakarta four years ago, the Chinese swimmer won 19 golds, the diving "dream team" won 10 gold medals, and the Chinese track and field team finished with 12 golds.

It is worth mentioning that the Chinese delegation won four gold medals in basketball at the last Asian Games, plus the Chinese women's volleyball team won the championship and the Chinese women's football team won silver, a total of 5 golds and 1 silver. In this Asian Games, the "three big balls" project, which has attracted much attention, can maintain this trend, it is also worth looking forward to. (End)