It was especially in the eighth against the USA that Musovic made her main effort where she kept Sweden in the match after keeping a clean sheet during regular time and in extra time. There were several public appearances afterwards. It's been a month but she hasn't left it.

"It hasn't landed completely and I don't know if it will ever land completely. I am an extremely process-driven person who works hard every day to be able to get better. I find it a bit difficult to enjoy it and constantly want to get better and this was a step in the right direction but I'm far from done," Musovic explains.

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– Patience will be a key factor for the future and you need to remain in the present, especially now that the interest is so great. People want you to keep up on all sides, but you have to narrow that down and feel what's important here and now and how I can improve," she says.

"Adds important pieces of the puzzle"

Patience and doing your best every day is important.

"You put important pieces of the puzzle together every day without immediately seeing results and I've waited and waited and then the World Cup came and then I felt that I got results from many years of training that I put in. He who waits for something good never waits too long.

In Chelsea, German national team goalkeeper Ann-Katrin Berger is also on Fifa's list of the seven best goalkeepers in the world.

"I have fantastic goalkeepers that I get to train with every day and can't be in a better environment. My dream is to become the best goalkeeper in the world, but it's the process that leads to the result that I love," Musovic smiles.