Until the last minute of injury time, Atletico Madrid were heading for a first victory in the Champions League group stage, but the Italian Lazio goalkeeper had a different opinion and saved his team from defeat in fatal time.

In the first round of Group E matches of the continental championship, the players of "Atléti" were preparing to celebrate their first victory at the "Olimpico" stadium in Rome after advancing since the 29th minute thanks to Pablo Barrios.

But Lazio goalkeeper Ivan Providel stepped up into the box in the final minute of the game to take part in attack, receiving a golden pass from Luis Alberto, rising fabulously and scoring the equaliser.

The Stadio Olimpico exploded with hysterical joy from the fans after the goal and secured the first points in the Champions League.

Crazy! 🤯

Lazio goalkeeper surprises Atletico Madrid and scores in stoppage time.#دوري_أبطال_أوروبا | #لاتسيو | #أتلتيكو_مدريد pic.twitter.com/3hJqUPwbG6

— beIN SPORTS (@beINSPORTS) September 19, 2023

Atletico Madrid and Italy's Lazio play in Group E, which also includes Dutch Feyenoord, who in turn beat Celtic by a goal.