• Grotesque in the concentration Meeting with the Government, anger, a 'bunker' and fields without artificial light
  • Changes in the RFEF Mapi León and Patri Guijarro leave due to lack of encouragement
  • Jenni Hermoso Accuses RFEF of intimidation and threats

Just an hour and a half of training to activate and resume contact with the ball after a very long morning and few hours of sleep. The Spanish team, which has lost the second surname of female by federal decision, has yielded a truce to face as best as possible the two debut matches in the Nations League against Sweden in Gothenburg this Friday and Tuesday in Cordoba against Switzerland. The Paris Games are still on the horizon and, again, 21 players of the 23 summoned by the coach Montse Tomé decided to think about football and hope that the restructuring agreed between players and RFEF with the mediation of the president of the CSD, Víctor Francos, in the 'pact of Oliva Nova' would be fulfilled.

At five in the morning on Tuesday, when the players finally arrived at the rooms after a difficult and unpleasant day, the desire to train was few, but the coaching staff established a session at five thirty in the afternoon. They all needed to step on the lawn and get out of the meeting rooms.

Early in the morning they left the concentration Mapi León and Patri Guijarro, who confessed not to be in the best conditions. "Our situation is different from the rest. They have not been the ways or the ways to return. This is a process, but we are happy because changes are taking place," said the Barça defender, whose place was taken by Valencian player Claudia Florentino. To call Guijarro's replacement, Tomé will extend his period of reflection. Sevilla forward Cristina Martín-Prieto also appeared in Oliva.

Conclave in the locker room

Before jumping into one of the two grass fields of the resort, where a hundred followers were waiting for him and as expedition leader, Rafael del Amo, there was an hour of conclave in the locker room. There is still much to say. This time it was technical-tactical and it was the trainers who carried the voice. The night before it was the players who elaborated with Tomé. The relationship is tense and counts on these two truce parties, but there is no trust in it.

The internationals did not ask for his head, but they feared his position closer to the federative staff that humiliated them than to them, a position that they defended having seen reflected in the call, which forced them to go despite their desire not to do so, and in their statements both about the talks with them and in the reason for the absence of Jenni Hermoso.

The wild card of Tomé will also depend on the management of this concentration, with an expanded staff and charter flights for travel, as well as the result and the image in these two matches that are very important to look for the ticket to the Paris Games.

Federative changes

The 'pact of Oliva Nova' has appeased the hostilities while football rules, something that has not happened in the month, fulfilled this Wednesday, elapsed since they were proclaimed world champions. The RFEF committed to the players before the CSD to make immediate changes in the structure and the creation of a tripartite commission that would monitor them. Almost 24 hours later, only the change of the logo and the denomination had been applied to create the unique brand "Spanish Football Team" to match the men's and women's teams. "A recognition that football, whoever practices it," says Pedro Rocha in a note from the RFEF.

Neither the dismissal of the general secretary, Andreu Camps, although his replacement is being prepared, nor changes in the Integrity Committee. The only change produced is temporary and goes through the absence of press officer Patricia Pérez in this debut in the Nations League. Del Amo, who in the early hours of Tuesday said he did not feel questioned by the players, did not move the tab in terms of the director or sports director. In this case, everything seems postponed to next week, when Spain has played against Sweden and Switzerland. That is if they can be executed.

Non-compliance with the Sports Law

Although the Government gave the go-ahead to the management commission chaired by Rocha could remain at the head of the RFEF until January, when elections are called to elect assembly and president for a new term, it may be necessary to hold a previous one first. And, as five territorial presidents warned, the statutes state that a management board has the sole task of convening and ensuring an electoral process, not management.

The decision taken by the directive, they recalled, could give rise to a complaint that has already occurred. The director of the CENAFE Coaches School, Miguel Galán, has already asked the CSD to raise this breach of the Sports Law to the TAD and suspend the president and his entire management board, which would lead to elections that must be called and executed within 30 days.

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