Beijing, September 9 -- Recently, the General Office of the General Administration of Sports of the People's Republic of China issued a notice to carry out the 20 National Fitness Volunteer Service Excellent Case Collection Activity, this collection activity is the third consecutive year to be carried out, on the basis of the experience collected in the past two years, further summarize and promote the results and advanced experience of national fitness volunteer service in various regions and departments, select typical trees to lead demonstrations, guide more volunteer service organizations and volunteers to actively participate in national fitness volunteer service activities, and further improve the level of national fitness volunteer service work.

All levels and types of individual sports associations, crowd sports associations, social sports instructors associations and other sports social organizations, volunteer associations or volunteer service federations, fitness and sports volunteer service teams of the New Era Civilization Practice Center, school volunteer service groups, volunteer service groups of organs and institutions, enterprise volunteer service groups, other social groups, social service organizations, foundations, etc. may register for the election.

This collection requires focusing on the needs of national fitness, focusing on promoting the volunteer service spirit of dedication, love, mutual assistance and progress, and helping to improve the ability of grassroots social governance. It can fully reflect the people-centered, grassroots-oriented, close to the masses, wide coverage, and welcomed by the masses; There are sound organizations and teams, regular activities, innovative forms, prominent models, certain social influence, and experience that can be referenced, replicated and promoted.

The Group Department of the General Administration of Sports will organize experts to review the collected cases and select excellent cases with typical promotion and demonstration value, and carry out multi-platform centralized display and publicity and promotion.

In the past two years, the case collection activity has provided useful experience and effective reference for all localities and units to carry out volunteer services on a regular basis, drive and guide the people to actively exercise, and gradually formed a number of branded volunteer service activities in various places, showing the diversified role of national fitness volunteer service in the integration of sports and medicine, integration of sports and education, elderly care and disability, rural revitalization, and helping grassroots social governance. According to reports, in 2021 and 2022, a total of 263 excellent cases were selected. (End)