On the 12th day of the sumo autumn tournament, 1-year-old Atami Fuji, who is the sole leader in the championship fight with one loss, is the best with Daieisho Sekiwaki.

Akisho finished the 20th day on the 11th, with Atami Fuji taking the sole lead with one loss, followed by Takayasu and Kensho of Ozeki Takakeishō with three losses.

On the 1th day, on the 3st, Atami Fuji will face Daieisho Sekiwaki for the first time. Atami Fuji is riding the momentum on the 3th, defeating Shomonkey Koyui with a bold good throw from his favorite right four shapes. On the other hand, Daieisho is also in good form with five consecutive wins. If they team up, it will be Atami Fuji, and if they stick out, it will be Daieisho, and it seems that the match will be divided by whether they can step in from the stand and bring it to their own sumo wrestling.

Takakatsu Ozeki, who escaped Kakuban by winning on the 12th, will face Kotonowaka of Sekiwaki. In the past matches, they have won 21 games and lost 20. Kikagekatsu suffered his third defeat on the eighth day of Chunichi, but since then he has won three consecutive matches in a dangerous sumo match.

While Kotonowaka shows strength when his chest is combined, the key is whether he can thoroughly push through sumo like he showed at the 5th.

Takayasu, who lost on the 20th and had three losses, is the best against Koyui Nishikiki. Another three losses, Kensho is against Ura in the flat curtain.