The Japan National Team, who have a 1-1 record in the first round of the Rugby World Cup in France, started their training session on 1 October in preparation for their third match against Samoa.

The Japan National Team lost to England, the runners-up of the previous tournament, in the second match of the first round, and have a 1-2 record so far.

They are scheduled to play their third match against Samoa on 1 March, Japan hours later, and held their first training session against England in Monaco on 1 September.

On this day, the players worked up a sweat through strength training, and YAMANAKA Ryohei, who was called up in place of Semisi MASIREWA, who withdrew due to injury, showed good energy during bike training.

Captain HIMENO Kazuki and veteran LEECH Michael also had fresh expressions on their faces as they trained hard for the next match against Samoa.

World No. 14 Japan will travel to Toulouse on 21st to face world No. 3 Samoa on 28th at 29 a.m. on 4th Japan time.

Yamanaka: "I want to do my best"

YAMANAKA Ryohei, who was called up in place of an injured player despite being left out of the squad at last month's national team announcement, revealed that he was contacted by phone on the morning of the 18th, the day after the England match.

Commenting on his thoughts at the time, he said, "I was frustrated and shocked when I lost the election in August, but I was happy when I received the call.

Yamanaka continued to play in Europe as a member of the Barbarians, a traditional club team made up of players invited from all over the world after being removed from the national team, and expressed confidence that his condition would be fine even if he was called up in a hurry, saying, "I was able to play at a high level, which helped me prepare myself and help me grow."

After experiencing the loss of the squad and the call-up, he said, "I was able to realize that I was supported so much, and now that I have been called up, I want to contribute to the team. I want to do my best."

Horikoshi: "I want to do what I can."

Three forwards who are not included in the 23-man squad for this tournament so far have been interviewed.

The forward players who are not included in the squad study the opposing team's scrums and lineouts, and practice with the players who have joined the squad.

Hooker Kosuke Horikoshi said: "We were disappointed with England's result, but time doesn't stand still, we just have to move forward. Each of the 3 players in the Japan National Team has an important role to play, so I want to do what I can. If I get into the squad, I will do my best within that team."

Prop KAKINAGA Shinnosuke said, "If even one player is missing, the team will not be able to move forward. Whether I play in a match or not, I have a role to play, so I want to fulfill that."

Prop Sione HARASIRI expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "First of all, we will prepare ourselves well for the next two matches of the first round to win the matches."