The star trio Frida Karlsson, Maja Dahlqvist and Linn Svahn are back in the national team this year, after training on their own during the pre-season last season.

When SVT Sport today met Karlsson and Svahn in Livigno, Italy, where they spent several weeks at a high altitude camp, it turns out that both are very happy with the decision to return to the national team.

– I'm super happy! I've had so much fun this year, it's been my best camp since I got into the circus," she says, and continues:

– Now you long to go to camp, When you think about it, it's absolutely sick that I'm here and working! I'm here with my favorite people, I get to train as I wish and get to do it in this environment, and feel that I get forward in the way I want in training and skiing in general, and end with a laugh:

"It's a dream life!

"Really like it"

Linn Svahn says much the same thing.

"I really enjoy working with this group and it feels like we're doing a lot, very well. We are a great group and it feels like we have something unique going on with so many ladies who are so incredibly good, she says, and elaborates further:

"It's awesome! I think this will be an era in Swedish women's skiing and it's fun to be part of it with your best friends and biggest competitors. It's luxurious.