Jude Bellingham's start to Real Madrid's career has been a success, to say the least.

The 20-year-old Englishman, who Real bought from Borussia Dortmund this summer, scored in each of his first four La Liga games. During these, he scored five of Real's nine goals, and also played until one.

Looked to be 0–0

However, when Real won 2-1 against Real Sociedad on Sunday, he left the pitch speechless.

And he looked set to do so in his Champions League debut for the Spanish giants tonight. Because when the match clock at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium had passed 90 minutes, it was still goalless in the match against Union Berlin, despite Real Madrid dominating the match - and several times stopped by the framework.

Valverde shot after a corner

But when only a minute and a half remained of the five announced extra minutes, it was time again. A left-hand corner was rolled back to Federico Valverde, who shot. The shot eventually bounced through to Bellingham about five yards in front of goal, who was able to turn up and put the ball into a basically open goal.

Union Berlin could never threaten Real, who thus started the Champions League season with three points.