Ahead of the World Championships in Breakin, which will be held for the right to participate in the Paris Olympics, the athletes of the Japan National Team spoke to the media and Ami Yuasa, a dancer named AMI, who is aiming to win the Games for the second time in a row, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, "I want to focus on dancing in my own way and practicing to the fullest."

The World Championships of Breaking will be held in Belgium on the 23rd and 24th of this month, and the winners of both the men's and women's events will qualify for next year's Paris Olympics.

Four players from the Japan National Team who will participate in this tournament spoke to the media at Narita Airport on the morning of 4 October before leaving Japan.

AMI, who won his second World Championship title last year and is aiming to win his second consecutive tournament, said, "I think this tournament is different from previous tournaments in that it is directly connected to the Olympics, but what I do is the same, so I want to have fun and be myself."

On top of that, she expressed her enthusiasm, saying, "I want to focus on what I need to do, such as dancing in my own way and practicing to the fullest," while AYUMI and Ayumi Fukushima, who won the Ototoshi World Championship, said, "I just want to do what I've been practicing with all my heart on the day, so I want to believe in myself and do my best. I want to show a performance that people who support me can enjoy."

On the other hand, Shigekix and Hanai Shigeyuki, who were the aces of the men's competition last year, emphasized the importance of entering the tournament with the same mindset, saying, "This is the time when everyone wants to achieve more results, but that's why I want to do my best with the same attitude as usual, valuing my original desire to enjoy my dance and not be afraid of challenges."