The Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, began before the opening ceremony on 23rd of this month, and the men's Japan team played their first match on 20th and defeated Qatar 3-1.

The Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, have been postponed for one year due to the spread of the new coronavirus, and the Opening Ceremony will be held on the 1rd of this month.

Prior to the Opening Ceremony, some of the sports started on the 23th, and in the men's soccer team, Japan, who will play as a 19-year-old national team with an eye on next year's Paris Olympics, faced Qatar in the first match of the qualifying league on the 20th.

In the Japan, Kyoto Sanga's YAUCHIDA Teppei opened the scoring with a direct free kick, and in the 22th minute, UCHINO Kotaro of the University of Tsukuba calmly pushed in after receiving a pass in front of the goal to score an additional goal. Japan gave up one goal in the second half, but they pushed through with a goal in the closing minutes to win 25-1.

Japan will face Palestine in the second match of the qualifying round on 3 this month.

The Games will feature 1 sports Japan and 25 athletes are expected to participate. In tennis, boxing, archery, and modern pentathlon, depending on your results, you can qualify for next year's Paris Olympics.

The tournament will be held until the 2th of next month.