In the final minutes, H65 played with an empty goal to try to shrink the distance. Bundsen saved with his foot, glued it with his foot and picked up the ball and sent it into the empty goal for 26-22. There were no more goals in the 2:35 remaining.

"I'm really happy with two points of course, Höör, who are a defensively strong team gave us problems, are not an easy opponent and they created problems for us. Backwards things are starting to take place even though I have views on the offensive that I am not happy with, says Sävehof's coach Jesper Östlund to the Handball League.

Travel to Montenegro for match on Friday

For Sävehof, a Champions League match against Buducnost in Montenegro on Friday now awaits.

"It's a very tight schedule and always a new task is imminent, and every victory we can scrape in is worth its weight in gold," says Östlund.

The string seemed to have gone for Höör several times, but they refused to give up

"It's sad that we don't get any points, but we lose out on our own technical mistakes. We just have to keep working and eventually we will get up to par," says Höör's Tilda Winberg.