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The first match in the history of Union Berlin in the Champions League came at the Santiago Bernabéu, and the place that has touched the sky the most times in the European Cup showed the German rookie what European football is: no matter what you fight and how high you build your own wall than in the end Madrid, In a relationship as inexplicable as it is forceful, it ends up knocking down your heart. The Union surrendered their weapons in the 94th minute, in another extra time of ecstasy in Chamartín to the glory of Jude Bellingham, connected with the history of his new club in the rejection of a corner. It's that simple.

Ancelotti chose Luka Modric, who had only started in La Liga on the day of Getafe, to complete a rhombus that is already holy and sign of this new Madrid. A colossal rhombus in which the Italian rotates youth with experience, physique with elegance. And the Croatian, just turned 38, was the best of a soporific first half. That's how simple football is sometimes. Next to him, Tchouaméni, Camavinga, who have had better afternoons.

The Whites landed in the Champions League with too much parsimony, far from the pace of play necessary to be "one of the four best" that Carletto set as a goal in Tuesday's qualifier. The Italian rotated in defense, sitting Fran Garcia, bringing Alaba to the left side and placing Lucas on the right wing because of Carvajal's injury. Without the two starting full-backs, the best next to Bellingham at the beginning of the season, the Real Madrid team lost depth, verticality and speed in their static possessions. It was too predictable against a comfortable Union Berlin in its scheme of five defenders and three midfielders. A bus, go.

Madrid's best chances came from Lucas Vazquez's crosses to the head of Joselu, who had a couple of chances at the start but failed to send the ball into the net. A little more before the break. Ancelotti scrambled to insist to the four midfielders and Rodrygo on the need to rotate their positions and move around the entire attacking front, but the white play, slow and erratic between the lines, stumbled again and again against the German wall.

The pupils of Urs Fischer, revelation of the last two seasons of the Bundesliga, felt comfortable on the pitch while their fans made Chamartín their own in the stands. 5,000 souls who pressed throughout the match and raised the morale of a team that can give many surprises in this group. They had no clear chances, but they caressed Kepa's goal in a couple of attempts and disrupted Madrid's circulation. Enough.

After the break Madrid woke up. No changes, no modification of the scheme or great boasts. He raised the speed of his game and began to find space at the back of the German defense. If Ancelotti always tries to generate superiorities on the wing, especially on the right. He joins the winger, the midfielder and the striker on that side and ends up getting meters towards the rival goal. Thus came his best chances.

On the right, a combination between Lucas, Modric and Rodrygo ended in two shots from the Brazilian, first to Ronnow's chest and then against the post. The Bernabeu smelled blood and the duel leaned towards the German nets.

On the left, Alaba appeared on the back line after a pass from Bellingham and Joselu almost scored the first. The striker, who had no luck, smashed a header onto Rodrygo's centre. All in just five minutes of unsuccessful Madrid siege.

Better after the break

Carletto then decided to move the tree, remove Camavinga and Tchouaméni and deliver his football at the feet of Kroos and the careers of Fede Valverde. It sounded logical. As much as the change of Fran García, who came in for Nacho to give route to the left zone of the local attack. Madrid needed to break lines with and without the ball to get the three points.

The point was gold for Union Berlin in their debut in the competition and at the home of the most important rival in the group, but Madrid called history and Bellingham came to the rescue with a goal in the 94th minute after the rejection of a corner. The Englishman, who produces goals as if he had won all his life at the Bernabeu, is the new hero of a stand that only knows one way to win. This.

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