Redbergslids IK and Marko Lasica are in the middle of a conflict. Last spring, the player demanded the club over SEK 300,000 to which he considered himself entitled, as wages dating back to December 2021 were not forthcoming.

The club believes that they have since fulfilled their obligations, but according to the player's legal representative Marin Klette, around SEK 100,000 still remains. In addition, the club is demanding Lasica's August salary, SEK 30,000 and general damages of SEK 50,000.

The player has requested that the case proceed to the district court.

Suspended from the first team: "Trying to try it out..."

Lasica has spent the summer in Montenegro, where Klette says the club wanted him to stay.

"But as a national team player, he is dependent on a team to play in," Klette told SVT Sport.

The club claims that the player, at his own request, contacted Redbergslid during the summer for a settlement, which was agreed – but then fizzled out.

Two weeks ago, he returned to the team and has since been relegated to the junior team to train.

"It is completely unreasonable for an A-national team player from Montenegro to train with RIK's junior team. But it's something they do just to try to provoke the agreement to be terminated early to save wages," says Klette.

The club's response: "According to agreement"

Redbergslid has a completely different view of what happened when Lasica showed up for training again on September 5.

"To ensure Marko's physical status, we had to test him, as usual, when talking about elite sports. On the first cooper test, Marko canceled the test due to sprained foot. Four days later, the test was done again with a result that does not correspond to the guideline value for wingers. To achieve this, Marko has been offered training with our Physio and the junior team. This is according to the agreement Marko Lasica has with the club", writes club manager Tony Larsson in an email.

Lasica's contract with Redbergslid expires on May 31, 2024.