Major League Baseball Orioles pitcher Shintaro Fujinami pitched in relief in the sixth inning against the Astros on the 18th, allowing three runs in one-third innings for the first time in eight games.

Fujinami took the mound for the second time in the sixth inning with a 3-1 lead against the Astros in Houston.

Fujinami, who pitched his 6th game of the season following the previous day's game, suppressed the first batter to a left-field fly with a changeup, but the next batter was hit 2.60 kilometers straight and became a three-base hit.

In the third, he lost one goal when he bounced a 160.2-kilometer straight in front of the center field after driving in, conceding a goal for the first time in eight games.

In the fourth, he pinch-hit for third base with one out on a stolen base and a wild pitch, was hit in a timely manner to left field, and was unable to protect the lead as he tied the game with three consecutive hits.

Fujinami, who was called to be substituted, threw one-third of an inning of the game, allowing three hits and no strikeouts on foreballs.

The team was reversed after a timely hit by a pitcher that gave up three runs for the first time since August 3 against the Astros, but after that, the pitcher caught up and Fujinami was not able to win or lose, and his ERA this season is 161.4.

The Orioles won the game, 1-8.

Nootvar no hits, batting average 2/6/3

Cardinals' Lars Nootvar started the game against the Brewers in St. Louis on the 18th at center field, and his first at-bat was shortstop. In his second at-bat, he struck out. The third at-bat was a missed strikeout, and the fourth was a fall on a left-field fly.

In this game, he threw a no-hitter for four hits, went four games without a hit, and his batting average dropped to 1.1.2.

The Cardinals won 3-4 with starting pitcher Wainwright, who has announced his retirement after the season, pitching seven scoreless innings to earn his fifth win of the season and his 4th major league win.

Masanao Yoshida did not play against Rangers

Red Sox player Masanao Yoshida did not play in the game against the Rangers in Arlington, Texas. The Red Sox won the game, 4-2, to end their losing streak at four.