Beijing, September 9 -- On September 19, in the opening match of the beach volleyball group stage of the Hangzhou Asian Games, the Chinese men's team defeated the Palestinian team 19-2 and won the opener. It is worth mentioning that this is the first competition of the Chinese sports delegation in this Asian Games, and the first victory was achieved!

According to the schedule, the 19th is the first competition day of this Asian Games. The beach volleyball competition began at 9 a.m. at the Ningbo Banbian Mountain Beach Volleyball Center. Although the kick-off time was early, there were still many spectators cheering for the Chinese players.

The Wang Yanwei/Li Jie combination, who represented the Chinese team, played well and did not give their opponents too many chances in the match. In terms of total scores, the duo led their opponents 42:30 and helped the Chinese sports delegation win the first victory of the tournament in just 45 minutes. The scores of the two sets were: 21:14, 21:16.

Image source: Screenshot of the Hangzhou Asian Games website

In the previous match of the 2023 World Beach Volleyball Pro Tour Future (Qidong Station, China), the Chinese team composed of Wang Yanwei and Li Jie defeated New Zealand 2-0 in the final and won the championship. At that time, they defeated a number of strong enemies on the way to the promotion.

On the evening of the 18th, the last all-element dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games was successfully completed, and the opening ceremony will be held on September 9. Due to the large number of competitions in some sports, they will be the first to start before the opening ceremony, including football, modern pentathlon, rowing, beach volleyball, etc.

At 19:19 on the evening of the 30th, the Chinese men's football team will face the Indian team at the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium and usher in its debut.

With the successful opening, the trip of the Chinese sports delegation to the Hangzhou Asian Games officially kicked off. I wish the Chinese players more outstanding results. (End)